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Have You Been Buying More Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Since COVID-19?

The new normal created by COVID-19 has seen plenty of changes to our way of life – including the way we shop and what we buy. According to a YouGov survey released last week, three in five (58%) Singaporeans have experienced a change in their shopping habits compared to before the pandemic.

What are we buying?

The most popular post-pandemic product? Fresh fruits and vegetables (gotta stay healthy during this period, after all)! Based on the survey, over two in five (44%) shoppers indicate they've increased their consumption of fruits and greens in the past year.


Frozen food was a close second, with almost two in five (38%) having stocked up on it after the pandemic (we're guessing in preparation for a siege/Circuit Breaker Round 2). Of course, while frozen food can last for quite a while, there are still limits to how long you can keep them before they're no longer safe to eat.

In addition, almost one in five (18%) survey respondents indicate they've spent more on alcohol since the pandemic (let's be honest, who doesn't need a drink during this period?).


How do we shop?

Over a third (36%) of shoppers said that they're more likely to purchase items in bulk post-pandemic, while nearly two-thirds (63%) indicated they would be shopping more online (easiest way to buy 9,999 packs of toilet paper without getting dirty looks, right?).


This is especially prominent amongst younger shoppers (those aged 18 to 34), with seven in ten (69%) engaging in online shopping more frequently post-pandemic. Conversely, older shoppers (those aged 45 and above) are less likely to shop online, with only two in five (41%) making more use of online shopping and delivery.

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