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There's a part for every Singaporean to play individually and collectively to keep our Little Red Dot strong, secure and cohesive. IMAGE: UNSPLASH/MIKE ENERIO

How To Commemorate Total Defence Day In Singapore

Today (15 Feb) is Total Defence Day, when we commemorate the Fall of Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942.

Ever since its first iteration in 1998, Total Defence Day has served as an important reminder to all of us that our nation needs to be able to defend itself, and that together we can stand strong against threats to our safety and sovereignty.

What is Total Defence?

Total Defence is an important national capability uniting Singaporeans in responding to military and non-military attacks that threaten the country’s independence and well-being, such as terrorism, disease, and disinformation campaigns.

It consists of the following six pillars:

  • Military Defence
  • Civil Defence
  • Economic Defence
  • Social Defence
  • Digital Defence
  • Psychological Defence

So, how can we commemorate Total Defence Day? Here are a few simple ways:

1. Head to Singapore Discovery Centre

In commemoration of Total Defence Day 2024, the Singapore Discovery Centre has put together a special anniversary exhibition celebrating 40 years of Total Defence.

Running from now till 17 March, the exhibition is divided into three zones and features a role-playing concept that reimagines Total Defence history as a cyberpunk fantasy setting, inviting you to set out on an adventure to become one of our nation's defenders.


2. Be inspired by NS-related stories

For these individuals - from the first woman to complete the SAF Ranger Course to an ex-Ranger who makes mess tin meals look like gourmet cuisine, a retired CSM whose family bonding with his kids takes the form of "military operations" with NERF guns, and more - their service to the nation played a pivotal role in each of their inspirational stories.


3. Explain the importance of Total Defence to your kids

Everyone, no matter how big or how small, has a part to play in protecting our home. Here's how you can teach your kids about the defence of our nation.


4. Rediscover Fort Siloso

On this day in 2022, Fort Siloso was gazetted as Singapore's 74th National Monument, commemorating the role it played in the Battle for Singapore (8 to 15 February 1942).

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