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The 9 panellists include (clockwise from top left) Wheelsmith from Singapore, Amber Galloway Gallego and Sparsh Shah from the US, Saykoji from Indonesia, sibling trio Tamura King from Japan, and Jonzi D from the UK. PHOTO: True Colors Festival

Join This Talk Debunking Myths About Hip-Hop

Attention hip-hop fans. Sick and tired of the bad rap that your favourite genre gets? Well, nine inspiring artistes and innovators from around the world are coming together online to overturn that perception through their own positive and powerful personal experiences.

This is Hip-Hop! is the first in a series of digital events by True Colors Festival, happening this Saturday, 26 September at 9pm. 

What you can look forward to: discussions about hot-button topics such as cultural appropriation, diversity and inclusivity, and why this genre gets such bad press as well as real-life accounts from the panelists of the role that hip-hop culture plays as an agent of social change. 

Representing Singapore in the panel will be Wheelsmith, an accomplished rapper, beatboxer, songwriter and music producer who has performed on the country's biggest stage: the National Day Parade in 2019. 

He’s also represented the nation in wheelchair rugby for Team Singapore and, more recently, created soundscapes for theatre productions.

"To, me hip-hop means expression and opportunities. The reason why I resonate with it is because it delivers the rawness and grittiness in life," he explains. 

Wheelsmith feels that the discussions will be a great opportunity to learn from people of different backgrounds, time zones and cultures who also embrace hip-hop. "It's a chance to take away new knowledge and perspectives."

So if you're looking for a novel way to spend your Sat night and if you love hip-hop or are keen to understand and appreciate the culture, this is the event for you! 

To receive a link to watch the event live, register at here and follow @truecolors2020 on Instagram for live updates. 

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