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Rising Stars: Sportswomen You Should Know

Athletes are a special breed. The sacrifice and discipline that they put in to excel in their chosen sport cannot be understated. Combine that with natural ability, hard work and instatiable drive, these exceptional talents deserve every bit of accolade that come their way when they succeed.

In honour of International Women's Day, we pay tribute to our amazing sportswomen that have done Singapore proud this past year and why you should keep an eye out for them.

Nurul Suhaila - Pencak Silat

Nurul Suhaila is the embodiment of tenacity. Twice denied in consecutive years, the 25-year-old finally overcame a rival to clinch her first world title at the 18th World Pencak Silat Championship in 2018. She has represented Singapore at the Asian Games and SEA Games, most recently winning a bronze medal at last year's tournament.

Her exploits in the martial arts had led her to compete all over the world, from Belgium to the US where she continues to fly the Singapore flag high. Suhaila's next goal is to become a multiple silat world champion, and given her track record and fierce determination, you will be wise to not go against her.

Constance Lien - Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

From one highly accomplished martial artist to another, Constance Lien is another name that has been popping up on everyone's radar. She is a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, purple belt holder (trust us, that's a big deal!), Asian Games Silver Medalist and most recently, gold medal winner at last year's SEA Games.

The fact that she has done all of this at the tender age of 20 is frankly, mindblowing. With the sport making its debut at the event, and steadily growing in popularity here, expect this petite dynamo to become the face of local BJJ going forward and we're all for it.

Chloe Ing - Figure Skating

Chloe Ing is Singapore's very own ice princess. The four-time National Figure Skating Champion made headlines when she became the SEA Games Gold Medalist after her breathtaking routine earned her a standing ovation from the Manila crowd.

Having trained since 7-year-old in the sport, Chloe spent much of her childhood in Canada. In spite of her success in the ice skating rink and fame within the international scene, she still calls Singapore home. Chloe has stated in past interviews that her ultimate dream is to represent the country in the Olympics. She might be a master on the ice, but she has certainly warmed our hearts.

Amita Berthier & Maxine Wong - Fencing

Fencing might seem like a very atas sport, but the dynamic duo of Amita Berthier Maxine Wong are here to shatter, or rather slice through, stereotypes. At just 19 & 18, these two ladies made it an all-Singaporean affair at the SEA Games fencing individual foil finals last year. While Amita went on to become the victor, both of them deserve their place on this list for bringing the sport to national prominence with their electric performance.

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