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What Singaporeans Do In Rainy, Cool, Shiok Weather

We might not have a White Christmas in Singapore, but given the weather lately, we're sure having a wet one. 

This month, we've been enjoying sweater weather – or what we here prefer to call “today very good for mala hotpot/laksa/curry chicken noodles/mutton soup hor” weather – because temperatures having been dipping all the way to… brrr, below 25 deg C. Don’t talk about warming the cockles of your heart! Keep warm instead and have piping hot laksa with cockles!

And if you've survived the "cold spells" over the past few weeks (which made some people even wear wool beanies and knee-high boots out), you may identify with the following scenarios.

We buy $29.90 Uniqlo windbreakers

Not ready to spring for expensive airline tickets abroad? No sweat (literally). At 22 deg C, the weather can feel a bit like what it is overseas during autumn, for instance. So add anything with words like fleece, insulation, waterproof and faux fur pom pom embellishments to cart, please.

But then we also still drink teh bing and iced BBT, and eat ice cream

We always like to ask accusingly “why so cold today ah?” and then we wear winter-worthy sweaters… and order cold drinks all day.


And we still must have aircon

It’s nice to sleep in this chilly weather but being an air-conditioned nation, something feels amiss if we don’t turn on the AC. And you want to keep those dengue mozzies out, don’t you?


We take secret naps during WFH

When it’s warm and humid, we feel sleepy. When it’s cold and windy, we also feel sleepy. Yes, we know what you are really doing when you WFH. You are actually WFB (working from bed). Or just falling asleep in it to the white noise soundtrack of raindrops on your window panes.


We compile rainy weather songs on iTunes

Try Xue Hua Piao Piao (it means “snowflakes float float”), Stefanie Sun’s Tee Orh Orh (it means “sky black black”) and the sibei cham Hokkien classic Wo Men Tee (no, it’s not about a women’s tee but it means “I ask the sky”).

Okay lah, also got English options like Garbage’s Only Happy When It Rains, Indecent Obsession’s Lady Rain and, of course, Rihanna’s Umbrella.


We hang out clothing, only to bring it in seconds later

One minute the skies are clear and the sun is out, and the next, it’s pouring. But any sunshine is still sunshine on gloomy days. If you don’t get this at all, it means that you don’t do the laundry at home. Or you send all your Net-a-porter clothes to the drycleaners. Or you just like the smell of chao sng damp jeans.

And then we buy more $29.90 Uniqlo windbreakers

Because admit it (and we won’t tell your zero-waste lifestyle friends): you can never find your vacuum-packed winter wear when you need it so you just end up buying new jackets, coats and sweaters all the time. Plus, you don’t have a red parka mah.

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