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World Sleep Day: What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

Horoscopes? MBTI? Love languages? While all these are popular for checking your personality traits, sleeping positions can actually give much insight into what kind of person you are.

If you think about it, humans spend almost a third of their lives asleep. And each person has his or her favourite sleeping position because it is comfortable and helps you go to sleep. Even when unconscious, your body subconsciously rolls over to your preferred position. This hints at what your innermost, honest traits might be. 

So, on World Sleep Day (19 March) - a call to all sleep professionals to advocate and educate the world about the importance of sleep for achieving an optimal quality of life and improve global health (this year's them is "Regular Sleep, Healthy Future") - read on and don’t, ahem, sleep on this list!


1. The koala

Snooze or truth: As the caption suggests, you’re always wrapped around something (highly likely, your chou chou or bantal busuk). As a pillow hugger, you prefer sleeping in a cozy setting and cuddling something such as your partner or bolster. This means you cherish your loved ones and treasure the relationships in your life.

2. At attention

Snooze or truth: During NS, you always get called to attention with sedi-yah! And that’s how you catch 40 winks – on your back, with your arms straight down by your sides. This means you’re usually a quiet and reserved person, much like an introvert. Also, it might show you have a strict moral code, and hints at your personal high standards and expectations of others.


3. Patrick the starfish

Snooze or truth: You sleep like a starfish, spreading your arms and legs across the bed. Similar to Patrick the starfish in Spongebob, you are carefree and happy-go-lucky! Others count on you as that eager friend who listens attentively to all their problems and lends a helping hand. However, you prefer to remain in the shadows and dislike being the centre of attention.


4. The foetus

Snooze or truth: This is the foetal sleeping position: you curl your knees towards your chest, like you did as a foetus in your mama’s womb. This is one of the most common positions, with almost half of the population sleeping this way! This means you’re much like a crab: you are tough on the outside yet soft on the inside. Though shy or paiseh at first, you’re usually much more relaxed and approachable once people get past your tough exterior.


5. The astronomer

Snooze or truth: You like to stargaze at your ceiling and study it, like an astronomer gazing at the stars. This means you sleep laying on your back with your hands behind your head. You “astronomers” usually make the best BFFs and will prioritise your friends over all else. You don’t hesitate to drop everything when family or friends need a favour, much like a #lobangking.


6. The parachuter

Snooze or truth: Flip the astronomer like a prata and you have the parachuter. You sleep on your stomach, with your arms wrapped around the pillow. Like those who enjoy free-falling from the sky, you have a bold and adventurous nature. You are also sociable but may not take kindly to criticism directed at you or uncomfortable situations.


7. The log

Snooze or truth: Rotate the soldier at attention 90 degrees, and you have the log! Log sleepers are most probably social butterflies who exude friendliness and an easygoing attitude. You are very approachable and chatty. However, people might take advantage of your gullible nature and abuse your trust, so be wary! Don’t always kena arrowed.


8. The yearner

Snooze or truth: Similar to the log position, except your arms are outstretched. You are a complex person, often being open-minded but having a negative outlook towards things. When making decisions, you are unsure at the start but stick to your final choice with a firm resolve. You are also very stubborn and will not amend your decision after it has been made.

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