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What Your Most-Used Telegram Sticker Pack Says About You

Just admit it lah, you might have dozens of sticker packs in your Telegram app, but there's that one sticker pack you spam no matter what the convo is. You might be a weeb who uses the "Haikyu!!" stickers to death, or a Pepe frog lover who is ready with a Pepe sticker for any occasion.

Before you send that next sticker, see if the following list rings true about you!

1. Doge

You might be an Elon Musk fan (#IYKYK), or you simply cannot get enough of this popular meme. The Doge sticker pack lover is someone who's very nua, and cannot be bothered with anything - you probably just want to lounge on the couch all day and binge Netflix shows.

2. Cat memes

Say real, you're most likely a struggling student crumbling under all the academic stress. You have three breakdowns a day, buy expensive lattes to motivate yourself, but end up procrastinating till it's 11pm and your assignment is due the next day. Relatable?

3. Anime

Weebs unite! You definitely remember each character's back story better than the birth dates of your partner or sibling. You also have an array of anime or manga stickers that you can whip out for any convo - just keep in mind other people may not be as siao onz and not get the reference you're making.

4. Good Morning Boomer

All too often, you wake up and see that your uncle or aunty has sent something to the family Whatsapp group with the message: "Good AM. Bless". Or they've forwarded a chain message - usually unverified and mere gossip - that contains some ridiculous news about some new conspiracy theory. 

Us youngsters then poke fun at boomer lingo by sending the same messages to our friends in the form of stickers. Really kiampa!

5. Cute animals

Your TikTok feed is also all adorable animals and things that make you go aww . And you probably have an aesthetic Pinterest board too for well... just about everything.

6. Pepe

For some reason, you only use this one sticker pack because it somehow has every expression and reaction for any kind of response needed. Plus there's just something very appealing about using Pepe stickers. 

7. Dramatic emojis

You're old school and you still prefer the OG emojis, but they just lack that extra oomph. Then your life changes when you find the dramatic emojis aka "cursedemojis" where the emojis are taken to their extremes. There are thousands of them, so for sure you can find one for every type of convo lah.

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