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10,000 Steps With Tosh: Octopus Testicles And Squid Mouths In Geylang

In this episode, local actor and musician Tosh Zhang and his walking kakis - DJs Race and Ben from electronic duo O$P$ (Owe Money, Pay Money) - sample some pretty interesting barbecued food for your viewing pleasure. They also encounter strange seafood, learn how to make potong ice cream, and have a rap jam, all in the Geylang environs.

Tosh and electronic duo O$P$ get in touch with fresh seafood. Literally.

This video is part of our 10,000 Steps With Tosh series. Joined by different walking kakis in each episode, Tosh brings you on routes around Singapore that help you discover new things about our sunny island, even as you fulfil your daily recommended 10,000 steps.

And if you're interested in walking the route featured in this episode, click on the map below:

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