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Sian, I’m Overseas And Returning To Singapore - What Should I Do Ah?

So you decided to quickly finish up your annual leave before the end of the financial year and rejuvenate yourself for FY2020 by going on an extended silent retreat in some ulu part of the world - like Jared Leto did. 

And then, like Jared Leto, when you turned on your phone, you realised, siao liao, what in the world happened to, well, the world?!

But once you’re done being drama, you need to get real. Yes, yes, all the benefits of that silent retreat have suddenly vanished just like toilet rolls on a supermarket shelf, and paiseh, we can’t help you there. We can, however, highlight some important things you ought to take note of before you fly home.

1. Check the latest travel restrictions and border control measures

Sad to say, got a lot, bro. Find out more at

2. Make the earliest flight arrangements

Seriously. Do it NOW. Mai tu liao. Get onto your favourite flight booking site now, whether it’s Expedia, Skyscanner or TripAdvisor.


3. Make arrangements for a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN)

If you haven’t been acquainted with something called SHN, get acquainted now. (Also, refer to our helpful glossary of COVID-19-related acronyms to get up to speed). The SHN will be issued to returning Singapore citizens, permanent residents and long-term pass holders (including work passes and permits, Student’s Pass, Dependant’s Pass and Long-Term Visit Pass) with travel history within the last 14 days to a whole list of countries.

And hor, it means cannot leave your home ok. For 14 days. Cannot. Wait mata catch you and you have to pay fine. For real bro. Don’t play play.

When you’re serving your SHN, observe good personal hygiene: 

- wash your hands with soap and water regularly
- don’t touch your face, eyes and mouth
- cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze
- maintain good indoor ventilation
- clean your home frequently
- don’t share food, crockery and utensils

If you don’t stay with family, you may also serve your SHN in a hotel.


4. Use delivery apps and avoid going to public places

For groceries, you can make online orders at to FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, PrimeNow and RedMart. For food, go to GrabFood, Food Panda or Deliveroo. The latter has a contact-free delivery service - yep, your food will be left at the door.

5. What if you develop symptoms during this period?

For life-threatening cases (meaning you suffer breathlessness, a stroke or a seizure, or go into cardiac arrest), call, or get someone to call 995.

For non-emergencies (you develop a cough or fever), call the People’s Association (PA) at 6344 8222. Someone will help you to make arrangements with your nearest PHPC (or Public Health Preparedness Clinic; again, read our glossary of acronyms!) or GP clinic, or, if you have mobility issues, arrange for a GP to make a house call. Do tell the staff and doctor of your travel history and that you’ve been served an SHN.

Take care, have a safe flight, and stay updated (and entertained) with! 

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