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Yes, a condo with a pool on every balcony exists - see No. 5 below. Photos: (clockwise from top left) Unsplash/Michelle McEwen, Instagram/@archigardener, Facebook/@huttonsgroupsg, Instagram/@singaporeluxuryliving, Unsplash/Murilo Viviani

Singapore Condos With Unusual Facilities: Pet Pool, Boxing Ring, Bowling Alley

Please stop humblebragging about your condo’s infinity pool (that overlooks the laundry yards of the neighbouring flats). Or about how your condo has tropical beach vibes with its (fake) palm trees and threadbare loungers. Or even about how you have not two but six lifts in your lobby.

Because when you read about the following condos with their unique, atas and even bizarre amenities, you will feel a major sense of FOMO.

1. City Square Residences

Cool facilities: Bowling alley and golf putting ground

Booking your condo’s tennis court is so 2020. At City Square Residences, crush some pins in the two-lane bowling alley (it’s $10 per hour per lane, according to a recent property listing) or master your swing on the mini golf grounds.

2. Parc Clematis

Cool facility: Communal kitchen

This massive development near Clementi MRT Station (hence its, er, name), with an expected TOP date in 2023, is said to feature as many as 50 amenities. One of these is a communal kitchen for those of us who want to act classy and invite friends over for a meal but don’t want them messing up our homes. Or judge our secret stash of Taylor Swift merch.

Residents at Grandeur Park Residences get to cool things down - all the way down - at the ice therapy corner here.Photo: Facebook/@huttonsgroupsg

3. Grandeur Park Residences

Cool facility: Ice therapy corner

Imagine living in a spa. Well, almost.

This Tanah Merah condo has a Steam Room which starts to feel kind of basic when you find out that they also have an Ice Therapy Corner where “the shaved ice cleans the pores of your skin, reduces wrinkles and boosts skin radiance, leaving you totally refreshed”. In short, makes you feel shiok lor on a 32 deg C afternoon, we guess.

They also have a Himalayan Salt Room. For those into this type of thing (and also into singing bowls, healing crystals and anything Gwyneth Paltrow sells), anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory salt bricks will recharge your mind, body and spirit, and keep you alive long enough to pay off your mortgage.

Photo: Facebook/Florence Residences at Kovan
Those living at The Florence Residences can release some steam at the sparring ring.Photo: Facebook/Florence Residences at Kovan

4. The Florence Residences

Cool facility: Boxing ring

Some condo residents get to spa, others get to spar in a boxing ring. This Kovan condo will elevate how you fight it out with neighbours who smoke by their window or clutter the common corridor with 205 potted plants.

5. The Marq on Paterson Hill

Cool facility: A private pool in every balcony

If you have at least $12m to splash out on a new home, have a splashing time too. Forget communal condo pools with their communal pee residue. This luxury condo – the smallest home here is 3,100 sq ft only – near Orchard Road has a 15m-long lap pool in the balcony of each and every unit. But but but who will see you in your new Fendi bikini then?

A dream home for your furkid?Photo: Facebook/Gem Residence

6. Gem Residences

Cool facilities: Pet pool, IT support, in-house doctor and edible garden

Never mind how this newly launched condo sits right in the heart of Toa Payoh where you can easily get anything.

Why step beyond your posh condo gates when your beloved furkid can have a dip in the dogs-only (sorry, pet cats, rabbits and terrapins) pool?

The condo website also declares that each resident gets a starter kit of “some seeds” to plant in the Edible Garden; five minutes’ free-of-charge IT support on the phone; and “free medical”. For the last, a doctor comes by once a week but “he will only write prescriptions and issue MCs”.

7. Treehouse

Cool facility: Starbucks kiosk

Coffee lovers living here no longer have to settle for three-in-one instant packs. The Chestnut Drive residential development is the first one to have an automated Starbucks kiosk in Singapore. The menu is quite impressive and includes Iced Latte Macchiato, Doppio Espresso and cappuccino. Payment is contactless so don’t try leaving $0.15 for your Americano.

The in-house private library on level 52 of Wallich Residence.
Enjoy your own "movie premiere" in the theatrette.

8. Wallich Residence

Cool facilities: Private library and theatrette

James Dyson – yes, he of those bladeless fans fame – was a homeowner here before he recently sold off his three-storey penthouse (it takes up the top three levels of the 64-storey Guoco Tower) for $62m. Don’t be scared. The other units, located from level 39 upwards, will cost less.

Once you’ve got your keys, you can hold private movie nights at the Wallich Residence’s theatrette because even Golden Village Gold Class is too lowly for you. You will also have access to the in-house private library on level 52.

But what will really make us snap up a unit or two here? This bungalow-in the-sky concept is linked to Tanjong Pagar MRT at basement two. After all, when you already have a $62m condo, the other thing you really need in life is to tap your EzLink card with thousands of other commuters at 8am.

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