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Beat The Haze And Go For Gold At This Indoor Trampoline Park And Obstacle Course

If you can't run away from the haze, bounce, we say!

Not only is trampolining great for your heart and easy on your joints, it helps strengthen your bones, and improve your sense of co-ordination. These trainers in the video above show you how trampolining and conquering the obstacles at Bounce Inc Singapore's X Park will help you ace your 2.4km, sit-ups and push-ups!

The trampoline park also cites a study conducted by NASA which found that "10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running".

The report also mentioned that “for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the bio-mechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running".

Bouncing for fun, improving our cardiovascular fitness, relieving stress, toning our msucles and getting gold for IPPT? We're sold! And don't say bojio!

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