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What We've All Been Waiting For: NDP2020 Fireworks Locations Revealed

You say “fireworks”, Singaporeans will confirm whip out their mobile phones and ask “where?!”. So it’s not surprising that “NDP fireworks” will get an even more kan cheong response.

But wait! Knowing Singaporeans, we will FOMO and call our father, mother, sister, brother, Ah Ma, Ah Kong, helper, dog, hamster and 64 relatives to catch the annual pyrotechnic display together - especially since it’ll be brought out of the usual NDP arena and launched at 10 locations across Singapore this year. But please don't. Cuz #covid.

Here are the 10 locations from which the fireworks will be launched at NDP2020 (doesn't this remind you of 4D results?):

• Ang Mo Kio
• Bishan
• Buona Vista
• Lakeside Garden at Jurong Lake Gardens
• Marina Reservoir
• Punggol
• Sembawang
• Tampines
• Woodlands
• Yew Tee

But precislely where in the towns, the Committee will not reveal - a wise move, we feel, to prevent the public from gathering in large groups in one location.

The fireworks display will begin at around 8.20pm after the Pledge Moment, and last for about 5 minutes.

Usual "best spots" to be closed to the public

Yes, this NDP2020, forget about heading down to Marina Bay. It will be closed because large gatherings are expected if it remains opened.

"Singaporeans traditionally gather at Marina Bay and Marina Barrage to watch the fireworks, but I hope that Singaporeans can understand that under the COVID-19 circumstances, we are not going to allow people to gather in large groups to watch the fireworks," says COL Lek Seng Khoon, Deputy Chairman of the NDP2020 Executive Committee and Chairman of the NDP2020 Safety and Security Committee.

"At just this location itself, we will deploy abut 300 personnel to ensure the safety of the public and to turn people away if they turn up."


Why never mention my town? Means I cannot see the fireworks ah?

Well. Here are some of the numbers: The height that the fireworks reach ranges from 43m to 220m (basically, from 15 to 62 storeys), and the size of the burst (aka the boom) ranges from 45 to 200m in diameter. Finally, the range from which the fireworks are effectively visible is between 1 to 8km.

Means: if you stay in Hougang (not one of the locations mentioned above), you still have a chance of seeing the fireworks that will be launched from Ang Mo Kio and Punggol.

Good news for those living around Jurong Lake Gardens (one of only two sites that the NDP2020 Committee is willing to reveal details of; it will also be closed to the public). Residents of Jurong East, Lakeside and Taman Jurong - confirm can see the fireworks. But what about those living out of these areas?

"Because of the height and boom size of the fireworks, people further west (in Jurong West, Boon Lay and Pioneer), those in the north (in Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang), to the south (in Teban Gardens) and to the east (Clementi and West Coast) will have a fairly high chance to catch the fireworks from their homes," says ME6 Ben Tan, Chairman of the NDP2020 Fireworks Committee.


We've come so far already - just be safe can?!

COVID-19 safety measures aside, many other steps have been put in place to ensure the well-being of organisers and spectators alike.

"In terms of our precautions, firstly, there’s a physical presence at all the sites. We work closely with the stakeholders of each site and also partnered with the Singapore Police Force, with the Safe Distancing Task Force as well as ambassadors and enforcement officers on the ground," Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Enriquez, Chairman of the NDP2020 Fireworks Security Committee.

"They will be there to facilitate pedestrian traffic, control entry where necessary, and guide members of the public to adhere to the COVID-19 safe management measures and also the safety measures to all the danger areas."

And if you blur like sotong, don't kan cheong. There will be people to save you from yourself.

"The safety and wellbeing of the public is always of the utmost importance," says LTC Enriquez. "We must ensure there’s an exclusion zone from the immediate danger areas of the fireworks site. We must ensure that we protect the public and our organising forces from that exclusion zone before the fireworks can even be launched."


No place like home, truly

I think we've heard the advice until sian already: it's better to be home than sorry. So, stay home lah, friend. You know the time, you know the place (sort of). Just stand at your HDB corridor or window with your phone and hope for the best lor.

And if the fireworks happen to burst near your flat, then you really ought to buy 4D.

"The concept of this year's NDP is to bring the NDP into the homes of Singaporeans. As such, many of the NDP events will be brought to the heartlands, and each of these events will be broadcast live on television," says COL Lek.

"We encourage Singaporeans to celebrate National Day with their families at home. In the event that Singaporeans wish to go out to participate in the event outdoors, we urge that you put on a mask, and observe safe distancing."

"Together, we can make this NDP memorable and safe."


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