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Get up close and personal with these Lego Dinosaurs at Singapore Zoo. Photos: Nicholas Yong

Don't Lego Of This Chance To Catch Brick-Built Dinosaurs At The Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is home to giant pandas, these little cuties, giraffes, and now… dinosaurs?

Not real ones tho, but these impressive life-sized dinosaurs - with decidedly human names like, um, Vera, Patrick and Annie - made entirely of Lego bricks!

The battle between T-Rex and Triceratops comes complete with realistic sound effects too.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Vera the Velociraptor looks like it's ready to pounce on its prey... me!Photo: Nicholas Yong

From this weekend (13 November), 60 of these Lego prehistoric creatures will roam Singapore Zoo and River Wonders in Asia’s first “Brickosaurs World”.

These chicken-sized Compsognathus were supposedly only 60-90cm in length, one of the smallest known dinosaurs.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Look out for these dinosaur fossils on your next zoo trip.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Patrick the Parasaurolophus' colour scheme was based on the designer's favourite ice cream.Photo: Nicholas Yong

Over 1.5 million Lego bricks were used to build over 8,548 hours of dinosaurs. Imagine the instruction manuals that come with these.

Screenshots of the trail, after you scan the QR code at the entrance of the Zoo.

There’s also a self-guided trail for little ones to discover how they can conserve our wildlife and protect our planet’s future. Plus a whole bunch of kid-friendly activities like digging for fossils and craft workshops.


Oh, and of course there’s a Lego pop-up store at the Zoo’s Pavilion by the Lake. It was very tempting to buy some Lego dinosaurs before heading home. 

Pose for toy photos with your Lego Minifigure.Photo: Nicholas Yong

Kids can redeem a free Lego Minifigure at the pop-up store with every child ticket entry. Swee leh, I jelly.

Annie the Ankylosaur's tail is so heavy, it broke during construction.Photo: Nicholas Yong
"I'm watching you"Photo: Nicholas Yong

You have until 3 May 2022 before they become extinct.

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