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To reference the great Burt Bacharach song, what the world - and your photo album - needs now is love, sweet love. Photos: Lee Wei Lieh

Have You Found LOVE? Experience It Before It's Gone

Local artist, Lee Wei Lieh, has been doing a lot of cardio the past few nights. No lah, he's not training for a marathon - he's been spreading love everywhere.

Since last Sunday evening (23 Jan 2022), the 43-year-old one-man show behind Very Small Exhibition, has been travelling on foot - while pushing the "LOVE" sculpture - around Singapore, and creating a heart-shaped route in the process:

The six-night journey is the beginning of a year-long project aptly titled "Bring LOVE Everywhere" that not only aims to spread a message of a affection and compassion but also draw people's attention to the topic of sustainability: the LOVE sculpture is made entirely out of recycled Allswell bottles.

Image: Facebook/@verysmallexhibition
Image: Facebook/@verysmallexhibition

Two nights remain of the six-night journey - you can refer to the routes above - and a special treat awaits you if you're lucky enough to catch the finale, which is set to take place tomorrow (28 Jan 2022) at the Merlion around 9pm.

Photo: Facebook/@verysmallexhibition

Wei Lieh will be recreating his mesmerising rainbow-hued Very Momentary Exhibition installation - which is da bomb if you film the whole process on timelapse on your phone like he did (ask his permission first ya!):

If you happen to run into Wei Lieh, be sure to ask him for a special sticker to pen down your message of love and stick it onto the sculpture, and have a go at the fun AR filter that can be activated with a QR code on the sticker.

Or just soak in the mise en scène - whatever you choose to do, let LOVE be your guide!

Use the above Google map below which approximates Wei Lieh's journey on Friday night to follow in the artist's footsteps - literally!

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