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Unveiling Frida Kahlo: ArtScience Museum Celebrates The Iconic Artist

There is no doubt that Frida Kahlo was, and still remains, an icon – the Mexican artist's life and work continues to inspire and intrigue people around the world, whether they are familiar with her innovation and artistry or are new to this superstar.

Here's a chance to delve into her world right here in the Lion City, thanks to the ArtScience Museum's latest showcase, "Frida Kahlo: The Life of An Icon".

Running from 4 May to 1 Sep 2024, this exhibition charts the journey through Kahlo's life, exploring the joys, struggles, and triumphs that shaped her into the legendary figure we know today. From her tumultuous relationship with Diego Rivera to her unapologetic embrace of her Mexican heritage, every aspect of Kahlo's identity is on full display.

Here are four ways this show will enthral and educate you:


"The Convalescence".| IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

"Immersive Biography".| IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG


1) It is stunningly informative

Prepare to be transported through time and emotion as you traverse thematic spaces crafted to encapsulate the life of Frida Kahlo. 

Begin your visit at "The Altar", a homage to Kahlo evoking the spirit of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Then, journey through pivotal moments depicted through visual projections like the "The Accident" (the streetcar accident that would change her life forever), and "The Convalescence" (a representation of the bed where Frida painted many of her masterpieces).

The pièce de resistance is "Immersive Biography", a 360-degree projection offering an intimate retelling of Kahlo's life, from her childhood to her final days; it envelopes you in her world like never before.

And don't miss "Fashion Icon", which reveals the profound significance behind Kahlo's distinctive fashion style. It not only reinforced her Mexican heritage, but also helped her conceal her fragmented body.


"Garden of Love".| IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

"Endless Symbology".| IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

2) It is highly interactive

Frida Kahlo is famous for her self-portraits. In our favourite part of the exhibition, “La Rosita”, you can colour your own Frida portrait, which will then be projected on a huge screen. This is inspired by how Frida encouraged her students to draw murals in Mexican taverns.

The artist also had a constant longing for love – she couldn’t have children of her own, so instead, she showered her nieces, nephews, and children she encountered throughout her life with love. In the “Garden of Love”, you can contribute your own "love wish" via a paper flower, and add it to the garden. 

The adventure continues in "Endless Symbology", a space bursting with Kahlo's iconic symbols. Imagine stepping into a whirlwind of colours and imagery that's practically begging to be shared on your IG feed.




3) It is poignantly introspective

"Laid Bare: Frida’s Inner World" offers a glimpse into the artist's extraordinary resilience. Here you can see her medical records and original X-rays, illuminating her battle with polio and the life-altering car accident that followed. This unique collection extends beyond clinical documents to include personal artefacts such as the medical equipment she used, and a peek into her diary sketches. 

The space covers the story of her disability extensively, and how she rose above it all - helping us reflect on our own well-being (physical, mental, emotional), the fragility of life, and making the most of the hand we're dealt with.



4) It is fascinatingly immersive

The final part of the exhibition, "Exquisite Corpse", is a VR experience that transports you into the intimate world of the iconic artist’s mind. It’s a whimsical experience that unfolds from the confines of Frida’s bed, travelling through vibrant, dreamlike landscapes inspired by her artworks. It’s something you must really see to believe.

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