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This new immersive Harry Potter nighttime walking trail will let you explore wizarding lore and cool spells. Here's what's in it for every House! IMAGES: FEVER

Happy International Harry Potter Day: Find Your Favs In The Forbidden Forest

Accio Potterheads!

By now, you might've seen your friends frolicking about in an illuminated forest full of magical lore from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universes. Located in Sentosa, the ticketed nighttime walking trail, “Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience”, will allow you to immerse yourself in the wizarding world and even try out some cool spells.

And with today (2 May) being International Harry Potter Day, there's no better time to raise your wands and check out the experience before it closes on 19 May! 

But before you Harry off into the Forbidden Forest, be assigned to your rightful Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat here, and see if our list of must-sees for each House appeals to you:

If you're a... Gryffindor

Congrats, not only has the Sorting Hat put you Hogwarts’ most glamorous House, but there’s plenty for you to see in the Forbidden Forest.


Stag Patronus

First up: Harry and James Potter’s iconic Patronus, posing valiantly in a clearing as you enter the trail. Not that those with ‘daring, nerve, and chivalry’ need it, but you’ll instantly feel a little braver after seeing him.



Rubeus Hagrid and his not-so-frightful boardhand, Fang, will greet you near the edge of the forest. No rock cakes or stoat sandwiches though, which we all know are a little intimidating even for the brave at heart. (Psst - watch out for Blast-Ended Skrewts!)



Speaking of Hagrid, Buckbeak will also welcome you with a noble bow, as long as you remember to bow first.


Flying Ford Anglia

Don’t miss a rare appearance from Arthur Weasley’s enchanted car, last seen when it saved Harry, Ron, and Fang from Aragog’s brood! We’re sorry to say that it’s not open for joyrides, but after all it’s been through, it deserves a break.

If you're a...Hufflepuff

Where my fellow foodies at (Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff)? Besides guzzling frothy non-alcoholic Butterbeer, you can also dig into all sorts of Harry Potter-themed goodies. Oh, and make sure the nifflers don't get at your pockets!


Honeydukes-worthy delights

The best part about being a Hufflepuff is having a common room next to the kitchen. The Forbidden Forest might be a little out of our comfort zone, but you can refresh yourself at the Butterbeer station halfway through the trail (Don't worry, parents, the Butterbeer is alcohol-free). At the end of your journey, you can munch away on Sorcerer's Secret Sauce (think creamy salted egg) chicken wings, sink your teeth into Chocolate Frog mud cakes, and even order a hot chocolate tailored to your Hogwarts House. Make sure you pack your pockets with Galleons though, as beverages cost up to $14 each!


Fantastic Beasts

Apart from Harry Potter lore, you can also catch sight of adorable nifflers from the Fantastic Beasts series. Be careful of your belongings though, the nifflers are very attracted to shiny things ✨ And watch your step, should you stumble into Aragog's lair! 

If you're a...Slytherin

Ambition and intelligence are among your most iconic traits. But be careful, too much of the former might tempt you to join the wrong cause.



Grab your bestie (or nemesis) and duel it out in an epic showdown. First, choose your wand of choice, before taking your positions. And as you begin combat, may the better wizard or witch win!


The Dark Mark

Along a dimly-lit stretch of the trail, the symbol of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters glows menacingly among the trees. Will you be brave enough to make it to the end, or surrender to the fear the Dark Mark induces in you...

If you're a...Ravenclaw

What’s up, fellow nerds (I’m a Ravenclaw too). Not into spooky vibes, Butterbeer, or dashing around for photo ops? Don’t worry, there’s plenty for those who pride themselves on their wit and learning.


Interactive quizzes on the app

Do you remember Professor Grubbly-Plank’s first name? How about the password to the Prefect’s Bathroom on the fifth floor? Then you’ll ace all of the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest app’s interactive quizzes, which pop up during seemingly ‘random’ points in the forest (you’ll figure out the pattern if you’ve a ready mind).



Harry Potter and Cho Chang wouldn’t have shared their (in)famous kiss were it not for this romantic little plant. Just keep an eye out for nargles!

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