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We bet Punggol never crossed your mind for an all-day dating spot. Photos: (Clockwise from left): Instagram/@blushblushtomato, @yasminnecheng, @sophianatang

Let’s Go Paktor: Nature Walks And Wakeboarding In Punggol

Mention Punggol and you'll probably hear "mai la, so far, so ulu" from your friends. Some even say you're going to need your passport just to go to Punggol.

Sure, it’s like all the way in another part of Singapore, but if you’ve never been here then it’s like taking a holiday overseas (sorta?). All jokes aside, there’s actually plenty to do in Punggol if you’re planning an all-day date itinerary. (PS: Dress more casually)

Enjoy the views along Punggol Waterway Park

Spend the morning at one of the most scenic PCN routes in all of Singapore. This is the perfect paktor place for leisurely strolls along the waterway while taking in the natural surroundings around you. If you’re lucky, a family of otters often make a guest appearance here too. 

There are five Insta-worthy bridges along the park, but we recommend the Jewel Bridge for its great views. If you decide to swing by in the evening, you can catch the picturesque sunset together with bae. The park is easily accessible from Waterway Point, but if you want to cycle together along the path then we suggest renting a bicycle from SAFRA Punggol (take the LRT to Sam Kee station from Punggol MRT or bus 84 from Punggol Interchange).

Detour to Coney Island

Coney Island is Punggol’s own mini forest reserve. Entering the iconic green Coney Island gates alone makes you feel as if you’ve been whisked away to a rustic, faraway land that is not Singapore. Don’t forget to take an Instagram Story first at the gates (for your friends who complained Punggol is too ulu to FOMO over).

Follow the trail and see how many birds the both of you can spot out of the 80 species that make their home in Coney Island. You might end up at one of the five secret beaches to lepak at (don’t stay too long or you’ll be attacked by sandflies). Coney Island is entirely off the grid, unconnected to the rest of Singapore so there’s no electricity or running water supply here, so bring water and wet wipes. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and insect repellent as well.

You can make your way here following the PCN from Punggol Waterway Park to the East entrance of Coney Island, and exit from the other end for our next pitstop. If you’re exiting from the East entrance instead, you’ll be nearby the Punggol Container Park (more on that below).

Seafront dining at Punggol Settlement

Don’t risk having a hangry bae after all that walking. The Punggol Settlement is a popular makan spot with great views of the ocean. You should be right here if you’re exiting from Coney Island’s West entrance. The seafood restaurants here have mixed reviews but if you want somewhere more intimate, head upstairs. Izakaya 95 has some really on point Yakitori with a wide range of Japanese booze, or head to Trunk 95 for mouth-watering Thai grub.

You get clearer views of the sea in the day, but night-time might be better for a romantic stroll along the beach post-dinner. If you’re coming from Punggol Interchange, bus 84 will take you directly here.

Wakeboarding at Marina Country Club

Bet you didn’t know that you can go wakeboarding in Punggol too. Even if you’re completely clueless, the coaches at Wake Time Wakeboarding or Edge Wakeboarding will help you pick up the basics in no time.

Alternatively, you can try wakesurfing at Surf N Wake. The difference is in wakeboarding, you’re being pulled throughout, but in wakesurfing you’ll need to release the rope to ride the waves. Either way, you’ll get a pretty good workout and look cool in front of bae at the same time, win-win. Makes a great birthday gift idea too. Take bus 384 from Punggol Interchange to get there.

Fairy-lit dinner at Punggol Container Park

It’s time to relax and wind down with dinner at Punggol Container Park. This makan place gives off some serious Artbox Bangkok or JB vibes. At night, the place is beautiful as it’s lit up with fairy lights (very romantic sia). 

There’s a lot of food choices here, but for something you can’t get anywhere else, we recommend dinner at Whisk & Paddle or Fat Po, then supper at one of the container restaurants outside like Pump Station 1965, Seoul Good (nice bingsu for dessert), or grab craft beers, sake, and wines at Beastro. Got halal options too like D’Rubinah and the first ever Big Fish Small Fish in Singapore

After makan, you can go prawning at Hai Bin to catch your mookata dinner for tomorrow, show off your archery skills at the archery range run by Traditional Archers Singapore, or feel like a kid again at Uncle Ringo’s funfair. To get here, take the LRT East Loop from Punggol Station to Riviera Station, or bus 3, 83, or 85 from Punggol Interchange alighting at Riviera Station Exit A.

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