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Looks real leh - this inflatable globe installation at Science Centre Singapore by artist Luke Jerram features detailed NASA imagery. Photo: Nicholas Yong

My First Time... Exploring the Science Centre

“Seriously?” I can already hear some people shaking their head in disbelief. I know, I know.

For a self-proclaimed museum buff like myself, it’s a miracle how I have never set foot in our Science Centre, even though it has been around for a whopping 44 years! I’ve gone countless times to our National Museum and the National Gallery, but somehow, I have never made the journey to the west to visit our “scientific and technological” museum.

Eager to tick this off my list, I decided to drop by since I was already in the area. It is a quick 8-min walk from Jurong East MRT - head towards Jurong East Street 13, cross the street and continue walking along Block 135 towards the road intersection. Spoiler alert: Adults can have fun here too!

Free to visit ah?

On “Peak” days, it costs $12 for an adult ticket and $8 for a child. But if you're Singaporean or PR, it's half price for “Peak” days and free for “Off-Peak” days. Tip: You must get your tickets online, so look for the green labelled dates for “Off-Peak”.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

Moon rock

What is it: As the name suggests.

Why I enjoyed it: Near the entrance, there’s this small display showcase with an actual piece of rock from the moon donated by the US, courtesy of the National Musuem of Singapore. Now I can actually tell bae I’m bringing her to see the moon (hur hur).

Photo: Nicholas Yong
Photo: Nicholas Yong

Learning about

What is it: “Know Your Poo” is a fun exhibit about sanitation and toilets.

Why I enjoyed it: The cheeky fun chamber and the royal throne that is officially my dream toilet now. Oh, and did you know that Singaporeans were still pooping into buckets in the 60s? Brb, counting my lucky stars.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

Experiencing an earthquake

What is it: The earthquake simulator at the “Earth Alive” exhibit. 

Why I enjoyed it: While I have experienced small-scale earthquakes in my overseas trips, I’ve never felt one that was this strong. A good experience considering nothing broke in the process. Btw there’s also a giant inflatable Earth here by Luke Jerram, the same artist behind the cool Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine sculpture at ArtScience Musuem.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

Facing your fears

What is it: “Phobia²: The Science Of Fear” explores the topic of being afraid.

Why I enjoyed it: Tbh I scare pretty easily so I was a bit apprehensive to enter (especially after I heard screams). And yeah, there were a few jump scares . I did learn plenty about fears though – like my bae’s fear of being without a mobile phone (that is called “ophobia”).

Photo: Nicholas Yong
Photo: Nicholas Yong

Wait, got games too?

What is it: Try your hand at town planning games… and a flight simulator too!

Why I enjoyed it: I thought that there would only be kiddie games, but I was surprised to see town planning games at the “Urban Mutations” section that reminded me of “Sim City”. I also didn’t expect to find a flight simulator here too – show off your pilot skills at the “E3 – E-mmersive Experiential Environments” exhibit.

Mini butterfly park

What is it: “Butterflies Up-Close” walks you through a butterfly’s metamorphosis.

Why I enjoyed it: Those in the West don’t have to go all the way to Sentosa to see butterflies . This is Singapore’s first and only indoor butterfly enclosure, and you can learn all about butterflies without breaking a sweat. Take note that you must pay $14 to enter (separate from the Science Centre admission ticket).

I wanted to check out the 8K Omni-theatre because my friends told me that watching a movie there makes you feel like you’re “right in the action” but sadly, I gotta pre-book tickets. Also nearby are Snow City (if you really miss going to Europe) and Kidstop, a fun playground for the little ones.

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