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PHOTO: Byundi Cultural Tours

No Passport Needed: Travel The World In Your HDB Flat

Phase 2 is upon us. Unfortunately for wanderlusters everywhere, travelling is still not an option yet. But what if you could visit your favourite destinations from the comfort of your own home? From the highest moutaineous peaks to the thrill of the Australian Outback, teleport yourself around the world with these breathtaking and immersive virtual tours.

Louvre Museum, Paris

What: Situated in Paris, France, the largest art museum in the world might have shuttered its doors. Thankfully, its exhibits are still open virtually.

Marvel at artefacts from the Pharaonic period at the Egyptian Antiquities exhibit, see the famous high vaulted and painted ceilings of the Gallerie d’Apollon, view the remains of the Louvre’s moat or go on an educational journey to learn about the Renaissance period.

How: Online tours are available on the Louvre's official website.

Mount Everest, Nepal

What: Explore Mt. Everest's south base camp in Nepal, at an altitude of 5,380 metres, with interactive 360-degree views of snowy peaks and colourful prayer flags. With the help of an interactive map powered by Google Earth and a 3D rotating viewer, you can gaze at the 8,848-metre summit, plus other Himalayan peaks stretching west into Pakistan and east to Bhutan.

How: Click on the Google Maps link here.

Northern Lights

What: Thanks to a livestream from Churchill Northern Studies Center in Manitoba, Canada, you can now witness nature’s most beautiful light show from your screen. The camera is propped up just below the aurora oval, giving viewers incredible front row seats to the Aurora Borealis.

The live viewing hours are listed so you can plan your day around it if you're here in Singapore. It is organised by Polar Bears International, a group of conservationists, scientists, and volunteers working to aid polar bears’ survival in the arctic.

How: Check out the webcam here.

The Riverina, Australia

What: Bundyi Cultural Tours, based in the Riverina in New South Wales, Australia are offering cultural awareness training via Zoom. Learn about the oldest people of the known universe, see native Australian animals and walk in virtual ancient footsteps of the Wiradjuri people. 

How: View the Bundyi Cultural Tours' 2020 Virtual Live Web Cam Program here. Check out the official Youtube channel here.

Ubud, Bali

What: As part of the Capella Hotels’ #HomeWithCapella series, Camp guru Budi shares about the beautiful story behind the name 'Ubud' and how it captures the place’s unique healing nature.

The team at Capella Ubud, which is a unique tented camp accomodation surrounded by nature, also share their special Jamu recipe which stems from ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

How: Click here for the official Capella Ubud Instagram.

Grand Canyon, USA

What: This vast Arizona landmark is grand in nature as well as name. Hike the canyon’s Bright Angel Trail via a Google Street View Track. One of the most popular long-distance routes in the national park, it meanders up from the Colorado River to the south rim.

With Google Earth View, you have access to an ever wider landscape, which lets users zoom in and out and click onto points of interest in the canyon for further information. There's a high-definition 360-degree imaging sytem created through virtual reality (VR) for a bird’s eye view of the Red Rocks.

How: Here are the links to the Google Street View Track, Google Earth View and VR system.

Amazon Rainforest

What: Non-profit group Conservation International has created an immersive 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video that lets you explore the Amazonian rainforest .

Descend from towering trees and embrace the stunning sights of the great forest and meet the forest’s indigenous guide who’ll take you to see wildlife up close. You’ll end the tour with a deeper understanding on why the rainforest is crucial to mankind’s survival.

How: Click here for the VR tour.

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