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With the National Heritage Board heritage trail guides, we uncovered the stories behind our districts and heartlands. Photos: (clockwise from top left) Unsplash/@raystontjr, tamal_mukhrjee, jannerboy62

Places In Singapore We Absolutely Loved Rediscovering In 2021

If there was one positive behind the travel restrictions in this crazy year, it was the chance to rediscover some of the amazing places that make up our Little Red Dot.

We're talking about revisiting heritage gems in beloved neighbourhoods like Tiong Bahru and Little India. Thanks to the National Heritage Board’s numerous Heritage Trails, we have all been given access to fascinating stories of how these places came to be.

This year on, we compiled them into a series called "Adventures At Home". Here are some of our favourite unearthings (click each image to learn more about the respective Heritage Trail):

The picturesque view of the Johor Straitsas you stroll along Beaulieu Jetty.Photo: National Heritage Board

Let's Rediscover Sembawang

Sembawang is special as it was the neighbourhood that inspired us to kick-start our “Adventures At Home” journey. We remember the sunset views from Beaulieu Jetty, and cycling through the kampong roads to the only remaining coastal mosque, Masjid Petempatan (where you can find the oldest living rubber tree too).

The distinctive sights and sounds of Little India can’t be found anywhere else in our city-state.Photo: Unsplash/@Jannerboy62

Let's Rediscover Little India

There’s always a reason to come to this colourful district anytime of the year, especially for the glorious makan! After our trip tho, we found out that Little India was truly a melting pot for various cultures and identities since its early beginnings - temples, mosques, and churches are practically minutes away from each other. Confirm plus chop you’ll be taking lots of photos for the ‘gram, especially of the elaborate murals all over.

Kampong Glam has transformed into a hip hangout spot, but there are plenty of reminders to its rich heritage, like the iconic Masjid Sultan.Photo: Unsplash/@Tamal_Mukherjee

Let's Rediscover Kampong Glam

Once the official place of residence for the Malay royalty, Kampong Glam today is home to trendy shops and glorious street art, side by side with cultural buildings and age-old eateries. Begin your journey at the Malay Heritage Centre, pose for photos at the iconic Masjid Sultan, and don’t forget to stop by for some teh tarik as you jalan-jalan around this heritage neighbourhood where it's unequivocally hip to be old.

The old school flats at this chic estate are a Tiong Bahru landmark.Photo: Unsplash/@Raysontjr

Let's Rediscover Tiong Bahru

At first it was an excuse to go cafe hopping. But we came across so many cool spots here at one of the oldest estates in Singapore (first appeared on a map in 1913 leh, that’s like one year after the Titanic sank).

Go for brekkie at Tiong Bahru market, and don’t forget to stop by Pin Pin Piau Kay & Co as you check out this Insta-worthy estate.

The Kranji War Memorial honours the men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty during WWII.Photo: Unsplash/@Sayhitobel

Let's Rediscover Our Valiant Past

This was the craziest trail of them all as it covered the World War II sights and relics in every corner of our country.

From the Kranji War Memorial in the northwest all the way to the Changi Chapel and Museum, we learnt the stories of the men and women who fought bravely to protect our nation during the Japanese occupation 70 years ago, Hormat!

Rediscover Singapore the way

Elements of US filmmaker Wes Anderson abound in this 30-min documentary.Screenshot: YouTube/KevinSiyuan

1. Watch this Wes Anderson-inspired film about Singapore

Local filmmaker and photographer Kevin Siyuan released a 30-minute documentary unashamedly titled "A Wes Anderson-ish Singapore". The film is the 32-year-old's "ode to the built environment of Singapore, the place I call home". Watch the video here.

2. "10,000 Steps With Tosh" series

Local actor and musician Tosh Zhang brings you on routes around Singapore that help you discover new things about our sunny island. In each episode of "10,000 Steps With Tosh", our host is joined by different walking kakis who uncover hidden gems around the neighbourhood - all in our daily recommended 10,000 steps.

Looking for more interesting things to see, eat, shop and do? Check out this series on!Photo:

3. "Let's Go Jalan-Jalan" series

In this series, we help you (re)discover gems in your own backyard with the help of, a community project spearheaded by the people behind the #savefnbsg movement, and supported by Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board.

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