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These SG alternatives will satiate that wanderlust for now. Photos: (Clockwise from top) Facebook/@thejohnyeong, Instagram/@sherilyncarter, @jurongpoint and @sgtrek

Recreate Overseas Travel Experiences In Singapore

Just when we thought that, finally, we have reached the finale of the never-ending story that is the COVID-19 sitch, in comes the news that even with ongoing vaccinations, the pandemic may end only in seven years.

Which also means that many countries may not open their borders completely or freely for some time.

So, what happens if that sense of wanderlust is gnawing away at you so badly for now? Talk about the seven-year itch indeed.

We found SG alternatives that will make you think back on some of your favourite travel experiences or have you look forward to the time when all this is finally over and it’s safe to whip out your little red passport, Uniqlo thermals and travel pillow - remember there was once something liddat?

If you miss... skiing in Hokkaido

Do you want to build a snowman, sang someone famous once. Don’t say it will never snow in tropical Singapore because at Snow City, it does. And we are talking about almost-real powder, not soapy, foamy bubbles that some malls puff out during Christmas. To maintain 400mm levels of snow in the Snow Chamber which is the snowy area of the Snow City premises, a specially designed gun is used to produce up to 150 tons of snow. While you can’t ski or pull a dog sled here, you can make snow angels, and maybe sing "Xue Hua Piao Piao" and make it viral again for 2021.

If you miss... surfing in Bali

Did you know that the Singapore Sports Hub has a half-pipe surfing facility christened Stingray? Now that you do, pre-book your slots and pretend you are back in Kuta again.

If you miss... eating, shopping, eating, shopping (repeat ad nauseum) in Hong Kong

You can’t journey to Hong Kong yet but you can journey to the West for now. That’s Jurong Point which is bustling 24/7. One of its most popular and successful spots is its Mong Kok section which has a shopping area that channels Hong Kong’s night markets (complete with neon signboards, okay!) as well as eateries and restaurants dishing out the city’s signature food like egg waffles, wanton noodles, bolo buns and roast meats.

Posted by Evon Kung on Saturday, 19 December 2020

If you miss... er, also eating, shopping, eating, shopping (repeat ad nauseum) in Bangkok

The express bus service companies may have closed shop at Golden Mile Complex liao – because you can’t anyhow take a bus to KL to eat KL Hokkien Mee on a whim these days – but the anchor tenant, the simply named Thai Supermarket is still bringing in the crowds.

Here, you can find Thai merch like many, many brands of fish sauces, limited edition Lays potato chips in bizarre flavours (think KFC as a flavour, not as a brand) and, of course, Chatramue Thai tea in every flavour and permutation.

The supermarket also houses a few random but rustic-looking food stalls that will make you think you are eating fruit-and-cream laden crepe pancakes, pork soup noodles and fried banana fritters in an alleyway shop in Bangkok.

Outside of the supermarket, there are even more random shops selling Pratunam-worthy clothes and accessories like Chun Li-inspired blouses, sequined trousers and ripped shorts. And yes, they are also all, like, size -0, just like in Pratunam.

If you miss... hiking and trekking in the great outdoors in Australia

We may not have kangaroos lounging around on sandy beaches or quokkas popping their heads out for a wefie. But we also have the “wilderness” and we aren’t only talking about Pulau Ubin or Sungei Buloh.

If you don’t know where to start (or don’t want to get lost somewhere in SG and have to DM your friends on IG for help), sign up with a company like SGTrek. While they used to organise trekking tours around the world, they are now taking locals around the island on themed walks.

One of its latest tours is Night Walk Till Dawn where you will be covering 25km from East Coast to Changi Village and catching the sunrise along the way. It’s a fun jalan jalan alternative for recovering Mustafa midnight shoppers.

If you miss... sitting for hours in Economy Class in a plane

Apparently, recreating the plane ambience and feels at home has become a trend on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. See the photo here? The poster Sherilyn Carter looks like she is gazing out of a plane window while enjoying a drink. Well, the beautiful scenery is really a Youtube video playing on her smart device. And the plane window? It’s a toilet seat. P-oops.

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