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This eye-popping exhibition at Science Centre Singapore features Lego sculptures of (from left) the Taj Mahal, our Merlion, and the Notre Dame. Photo: Nicholas Yong

Take A Trip Around The World With 1.4 Million Lego Bricks

Scratch the travel itch without actually getting on a flight by “visiting” more than 50 iconic landmarks at the Brickman Wonders of the World Lego exhibition at Science Centre Singapore.

The exhibition kicks off today (25 Mar) and celebrates the centre's 45th anniversary.

Himeji Castle.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Taj Mahal.Photo: Nicholas Yong

Over 1.4 million Lego bricks were used to make these models, weighing a total of more than 1,400kg (that’s nearly as heavy as an Indian rhino wei).

Australian “Brickman” Ryan McNaught and his team of Lego brick artists took more than 5,000 hours (or 205 days) to design and build these man-made wonders.

Fun fact: Ryan is one of 22 Lego Certified Professionals in the world - and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.

Great Pyramid of Giza (with Great Sphinx of Giza).Photo: Nicholas Yong
Michelangelo's sculpture of David.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Our Singapore Merlion.Photo: Nicholas Yong

No need renew passport liao . Some of the monuments made entirely from the toy brick include the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Rushmore, Michelangelo's sculpture of David, the Mona Lisa and Singapore’s very own Merlion.

According to Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of the Science Centre Board, this is the first of many new experiences coming to the Science Centre this year.

"The Lego brick exhibition aligns strongly with our efforts to ignite curiosity through play-based learning and to explore the world where science, arts, and engineering merge," says Lim. 

Leaning Tower of Pisa.Photo: Nicholas Yong
The International Space Station.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Mona Lisa.Photo: Nicholas Yong

Try to spot some of the pop culture references that the Brickman and his team have hidden in some of the models. 

Here are some spoilers: Indiana Jones behind the Great Pyramid of Giza, Elvis Presley underground at the Hollywood signage, and a Star Wars scene on the walls of the Arc De Triomphe. There are many more hiding in plain sight! 

Notre-Dame de Paris.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Mount Rushmore.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Arc de Triomphe.Photo: Nicholas Yong

Kids (or the kid in you) confirm will enjoy this exhibition – 1,000,000 Lego bricks have been placed throughout “Master Builder Zones” where you are free to build your own unique creations. For example, they can help recreate the traffic jams around the Arc de Triomphe by building cars!

"I am so excited to be able to bring this exhibition to Singapore and can't wait to see what visitors create at the exhibition!" says "Brickman" Ryan.

The Titanic.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Dragon Boat Race in Hong Kong.Photo: Nicholas Yong
Photo: Nicholas Yong

Visitors can also take part in two “missions” to win Lego sets! In Mission 1, you will have to take creative “travel” photos. As for Mission 2, you’re tasked to find the hidden “Eddie the Explorer” within the exhibits.

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