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Waseh, surprised to see Singapore like this? Photos: (Clockwise from left) Instagram/@jaycee.wh, @mayumi_sleep, @rog3rgoh

This Is Home... Really?! Photos Of Your Neighbourhood From A Different Perspective

All it takes is a different perspective (or a trained eye and some lucky) and you can snap shots that turn out amazing. We've rounded up some sibei cool pics of (if you can believe it) Singapore that will really bring out the essence of what we constantly celebrate here on - "the wonder of home".

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Posted by Jacobs Chong on Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The maestro: Jacobs Chong is a 46-year-old hobbyist photographer who works as a sales and distribution manager. He took this super swee shot to showcase the spirit of "Singapore Together", as we unite to recover and rebuild for a stronger, more sustainable tomorrow. The photo was shot from level 57 of Hotel Swissôtel The Stamford.

The maestro: @shotby_yew is no stranger to photography, having pursued it for 11 years and counting. He sees a silver lining in the pandemic as he was able to find time during the lockdowns to refine his skills.

The maestro: @_bryangraphy managed to capture this colourful shot at the Wei Tuo Fa Gong temple. The temple houses shrines dedicated to different gods like Datuk Gong hillside spirits, Hindu gods and Chinese Buddhas. It is also a place of worship for Tibetan Buddhist devotees.

Little bit of a history lesson: The temple is located on a small hillock in western Pulau Ubin. It is at least 80 years old. The temple evolved from a private residential house to become a public temple during the 1950s.

The maestro: @mayumi_sleep caught this beautiful composition of light trails against a backdrop of HDB blocks located on Upper Cross Street near Chinatown. She especially likes the moon, stars, and sun painted across the walls of the HDB blocks.

The maestro: It would be an understatement to say that 33-year-old @rog3rgoh - a graphic designer and one of Singapore's most well-known local urban Instagrammers - has a keen eye for gorgeous, creative snaps. This is probably one of the last few kampungs in Singapore that still survive, and provides respite and a refreshing change of scenery from our skyscrapers and city skyline.

The maestro: @jaycee.wh works in product marketing, and the 45-year old has an uncanny eye for the most mesmerising shots. He chanced upon this place while exploring Kampong Glam one evening. Captivated by the lights and displays in the shop, he took the shot to capture the scene in all its mesmerising vibrancy.

The maestro: @yiming.spyo started photography 4 years ago as a hobby and has been working on his craft since. When he started out, Chinese Gardens was his go-to place to practise because it offered a bit of everything he wanted to photograph. And we can see why this is his favourite spot in Singapore just from the majestic view he's captured.

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