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Time To Par-tay! Singapore's Merlion Celebrates Its 50th

Did you know that the Merlion turns 50 on 15 September this year? This beloved national icon has had a storied history over the years and is now a well-known tourism symbol for Singapore.

To celebrate its longevity and continued popularity, the Singapore Tourism Board is hosting a month-long party with limited-edition F&B goodies, exclusive retail products, and an exciting line-up of activities that pay tribute to it.

Here are five in particular that caught our mer-ttention:


1. Merlion Park

Get your cameras ready for nightly photo ops with the Merlion Statue at the Merlion Park at One Fullerton. From 15 September to 2 October, the statue will be lit up daily from 6 pm to celebrate the Merlion's 50th birthday.

15 September to 2 October 2022

2. Merli-Go-Round x Merlion 50th edition

Follow adorable mascot Merli on an adventure to rediscover Singapore while saying hi to all 6 of our official Merlions.

To participate, simply download the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app and sign up for a Visit Singapore account. Then, follow the Merli-Go-Round x Merlion 50 guide to meet all 6 Merlions.

Be sure to check-in via the app at each location to complete the quest there, and feel free to explore the attractions near each Merlion; for instance, you can take a ride one the Singapore Cable Car at Mount Faber, or go for a nature walk at Lower Pierce Reservoir near the pair of Merlions at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.

Upon completing all the quests, you'll be eligible to redeem a limited-edition Merli Wrist Rest Plushie (while stocks last).

Till 30 September 2022
Download the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app here or here


3. Let's Go! Singapore Edition

Introducing a fun, family-friendly board game featuring Merli and Singapore's landmarks. Designed and illustrated in Singapore, Let's Go is a fast-paced game for children ages 4 and up which encourages them to develop simple arithmetic and problem-solving skills while racing each other to various landmarks around our sunny island.

Find out more here


4. "Merlion 50"-themed beverages by Marina Bay Sands

From now till 2 October, Marina Bay Sands is launching limited-edition beverages that draw inspiration from the Merlion's adventurous spirit, combining locally distilled spirits and homegrown botanicals. During this period, you're invited to quench your thirst with db Bistro's Champagne Sling, KOMA Singapore's Pandan Dream, RISE Restaurant's The Merlion, Spago's Purple Lion and Yardbird's Merlion Cocktail.

In addition, for the month of September, you can also indulge in Black Tap's whimsical Merliā€™s Golden Jubilee drink, a strawberry ripple shake topped with vanilla frosted rim, rainbow marshmallow twists, blue and white cotton candy, vanilla red bean taiyaki, and icing cookies.

Till 2 October 2022
Merli's Golden Jubilee at Black Tap available from 1 to 30 September 2022
Find out more here


5. 2065 Ujong by Scent by SIX

2065 UJONG is an exclusive product featuring the Merlion 50 logo by artisanal fragrance label Scent by SIX. Why the name? Well, Ujong is a Malay word for "tip", and Singapore is located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula.

The product opens with top notes of lemon peel, mandarin peel and bergamot, and gradually trickles down to a mid-layer of orchids and lavender, before settling with a solid foundation of rosewood and musk.

You can read our interview with Scent by SIX's founder here.

Find out more here

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