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5 Ways To Get Through Airport Security Faster

1. Wear the right footwear

In some countries, especially during winter, you’ll be asked to remove your shoes when you go under the metal detector or step into the full body scanner. Which is why you should wear sneakers or boots that are easy to slip your feet out of and even easier to put on again later. Unless you work in the Cirque du Soleil, it’s not funny trying to wear winter boots with 50 shoelace eyelets – while you balance on one leg, watch over your unattended carry-on bags and get run into by a family of 15 late-for-their-last-call passengers.

2. Put your liquid toiletries in a clear bag

Yes, we know you truly love your opaque Prada nylon pouch. But using a transparent Ziploc bag is smarter here as the security folks can instantly see what’s in it and so, they won’t have to ask you to open the pouch for checks.

3. Leave the accessories at home

Actually, leave as much metal as possible at home when you travel. We are talking about metal belt buckles, metal jewellery and so on. They may trigger the alarm and guarantee you a full body pat down. And ladies, it may not be a wise idea to wear your overly wired push-up bra at the airport. The wires in push-up bras have been known to set off that dreaded beep.

4. Use the right bag

Preferably one with separate compartments and pockets for everything that you are bringing along with you. Because it then gets easier to pop your belongings into the slots at the end of the line where endless bag trays are coming down at you.

5. Know what to put in the tray

The security people will want to see your passport and boarding ticket, as well as all your mobile devices which should be placed in the bag tray as you move along. Do not wait until it’s your turn before you start to rummage around in your bottomless bag for your laptop, your electronic tablet, your smartphone(s), your Kindle… if you are this tech savvy, you should have Googled what not to do at the security line.

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