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12 Things That Became A Thing In 2020

Finally, 2020 is ending.

This has been a rollercoaster of a year so give yourself a pat on the back for making it till the end. We’ve upgraded from the Circuit Breaker to Phase 2 and now, Phase 3 is within reach (2 more days!).

As Singapore continues to remain vigilant, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see the most common things Singaporeans did to adjust to a "new normal".


Long gone are the days where you could catch up on the latest office gossip with your colleagues IRL at the pantry or over your cubicle dividers. Once the Circuit Breaker kicked in, #wfh became the norm. At least there's no need to beat the morning rush hour or squeeze onboard public transport like packed sardines anymore. If you're still having trouble adjusting to #wfh, check out our tips and tricks here!


The travel bug needs to be contained within our Little Red Dot for now. But fortunately, the hotels and resorts available are of top-notch quality and Singaporeans can still kick back and relax without flying or sailing anywhere. The best thing about a staycay is you'll literally feel right at home (in a locale that sometimes doesn't even look like Singapore). Looking for budget lobangs? We've got you covered with this extensive list.


A daycay is a one-day vacation compared to an overnight staycay. Since Singapore is so small, daycays are definitely doable and have been surging in popularity. Want to leave the hustle and bustle of urban Singapore? Don't say bojio wth this exclusive farmland experience in our very own local outdoors.



Zoom has become the most common go-to online app for people to connect. People are able to interact virtually, lessons and meetings can continue to take place, life goes on as normal. But, with the convenience of Zoom, some of us have found that work stretches past the normal 5-day work week. Do weekends even still feel like a break?

Home baking

No feels to staycay or daycay then do what leh? As we spent most of our time busy scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, we noticed that everyone was suddenly baking at home. No wonder flour and other baking ingredients ran out during the Circuit Breaker lah as some of us stepped foot into the kitchen for the first time to try home baking. Don't worry if you have no talent in the kitchen, you can always order some mouth-watering cookies from these places

Food delivery

Food delivery services may not be new, but business was certainly booming in 2020. While we were all stuck at home craving our favourite dishes, many of us turned to Deliveroo, Foodpanda, GrabFood, and more. If you're tired of fast food and eating junk, you can opt for healthy meal preps delivered right to your doorstep for a more balanced diet.

Exploring our own backyard

The government is really ups. After all the Care and Support packages, it still gave out $100 SingaporeRediscover vouchers to eligible Singaporeans to encourage domestic tourism. It's perfect for those looking to visit local attractions, tours, and go on staycays during the December/ January break. Also as Singaporeans, we always want to maximise any free stuff; this guide can definitely offer useful pointers (especially for single people).


On top of our normal pieces of clothing, a mask has become necessary and compulsory since April. Though it's stuffy and hot enough in Singapore, this one really bopian for our own well-being and that of others. Some of us found the disposable masks boring or poorly made, so we started making our own. Mask but not least, here are some aesthetic local mask makers that will turn heads when you travel out of your home. 


Hand hygiene

Suddenly, people washed their hands zealously and hand sanitiser became the new essential in everyone's bags. No such thing as lazy to wash your hands now if you want to stay safe for your own sake and for everyone around you. Still unsure of how to properly wash your hands? These videos make handwashing fun and memorable.

Stationary airplane experiences

Singaporeans will really do anything to pretend they are overseas, and that includes eating in a perfectly still airplane. Singapore Airlines gave customers in their "grounded" airplane experience an exclusive airplane tour on top of the meals. Good thing was, the only turbulence those of us who went would experience was the one in our stomachs before we tucked in to delectable delicacies served to us by our iconic Singapore Airlines cabin crew.

Cruises to nowhere

Cannot fly overseas, cannot drive to Malaysia, at least can sail lah hor. If you went on one of these cruises, you would know that the fresh air and sea breeze only served to let you feel like you were travelling far away from Singapore. Even if it were a round-trip without any ports of call back to Singapore, it must be nice to have a getaway.

"Trace together" together

One main reason Singapore has been so successful in combating Covid-19 is the collective effort of everyone staying here. By doing our part in checking in and out when visiting other places, the authorities have managed to quickly control new infections and monitor potential cases. You can even check the Trace Together app to see if you've visited past infectious places. 

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