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2021 Pwned: Our Favourite Video Games Of The Year

While this year continues to be topsy turvy, thankfully there’s one constant that never fails to deliver - new video games.

There have been plenty of good video games in 2021 to pass the time, especially during Phase2HA earlier this year (and psst… secretly play while WFH, if you know what I mean).

These were our fave:

Gloom and Doom

Released: 17 Jan 2021

Which one us can say that we developed a video game all on our own during CB last year? Well, Singaporean Drew Pan can - and this visual novel is a must-play if you’re the kind of person who's into games where your choices really matter. The game was released in January 2021, so it sneaks right into our list. Oh, and it was a finalist at the SEA Game Awards 2021 too. Congrats Drew!

Also check out some of these other great games made on our Little Red Dot.

Monster Hunter Rise
Nintendo Switch, PC (2022)

Released: 26 Mar 2021

We know a few hunters that have clocked more than 500 hours (some 1000+ hours) hunting dragons and other giant monstrosities together. The game continues to be supported with many new updates and a major new expansion with more fantastical creatures and an expanded storyline. Definitely a must-play if you can find some kaki to join you. No Nintendo Switch? It’s coming to PC in glorious 4K next month.

Fun fact: there was another great game that came out that month (and on the same day too)…

It Takes Two
PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X

Released: 26 Mar 2021

Can’t tell you how many times bae and I have argued or high-fived in "It Takes Two". Definitely the best 2-player game to have come out this year, especially if you have an S.O. or you want to intro your non-gamer S.O. to video games - confirm must jio to play. Or check out some Twitch streams of couples playing "It Takes Two" - it’s wholesome fun.

Resident Evil Village
PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X

Released: 7 May 2021

The big giant lady memes. That was the marketing hype going into "RE: Village" but *phew* luckiliy it did not disappoint. There’s just the right balance of hantu horror and action, and (not sure if it's because I’m getting old), the game’s agak-agak 10-hour duration is perfect. The best part was House Beneviento - chef’s-kiss good.

"Pokemon Snap" that also came out in May was fun too.

Guilty Gear ~Strive~
PlayStation 4|5, PC

Released: 11 Jun 2021

The newest Guilty Gear is easy to play even for fighting game noobs like myself. At least I can win several games against my bros lah. Flashy combat + rock & roll soundtrack = . My favourite part of the game though is the deep storyline (big Sol Badguy simp here) which I really got into.

The expansion to FF7 also came out in June.

F1 2021
PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X

Released: 16 Jul 2021

If you’re into F1 after binging Netflix’s Drive To Survive, then you have to buy F1 2021 if solely for the story mode. You play as a rookie driver climbing the ranks while navigating your mixed relationship with your veteran teammate. There’s also a “create-a-team” mode where you play team boss - not only to oversee your team on the track, but also what new parts to develop and how best to speak with the media.

Even I am shocc that I had more fun playing this game over "Legend of Zelda" which was also released that month.

Tales of Arise
PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X

Released: 10 Sep 2021

After the "Tales of" series kinda stumbled in its last few entries, the Bandai Namco team have finally got it right in their latest release and was our favourite JRPG for 2021. Lots of quality of life gameplay fixes, the battle system is satisfying, and I’m into the crazy storyline. The best since "Tales of Eternia" and "Tales of Vesperia"? Probably not, but it’s close. Also, Kisara is best waifu.

PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Released: 1 Oct 2021

It’s the one game fellow writer Farhan Shafie bullies me at. To be honest, I was on the fence with FIFA 22 at first. But with crowds returning for the new EPL football season and the hype around the new game’s “create-a-team” mode, I jumped in - and wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. I’m still struggling to get my new team promoted to the EPL tho. This is the best football game this year for sure.

And speaking of Farhan and football, check out his piece on our local team the Lion City Sailors and how they won the Singapore Premier League for the first time.

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