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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Phase 2 While Still WFH

WFH has its own unique perks such as flexibility, time to exercise, avoiding peak traffic commuting, managing a healthy work-life balance, financial savings, and quality family time. And now with the island almost back to normal with Phase 2, there’s never been a better time to work hard and play hard.

Check out these 5 tips on making Phase 2 work to your advantage as you continue WFH:

1. Enjoy coffee and lunch dates at off peak hours

Socialising when you WFH is vital and now that you can actually step out for bubble tea, coffee and lunch with up to four of your favourite people, use that time to break up your work day at home. Plan ahead so that each day is different to avoid the mundane hamster-wheel feeling. Avoid queuing and wasting time during peak lunch hours. Instead, go for an early or late lunch instead and still help #savesgfnb. And if lunch takes a little longer, it doesn’t matter – you can easily make up the lost work time somewhere else during the day.

2. Join an early morning workout class

Since you have some flex over your WFH routine, get the exercise class out of the way first thing in the morning, especially since most gyms are open again. You’ll be able to get in a sweat, socialise with a motivated crowd, and get started on your work day energised after an early morning session.


 3. Work when you're at your most productive

No one is 100 percent productive and effective throughout the day. Boredom, post-lunch food coma…we all know what it feels like. So make the most of your productive moments when you’re mentally ready to work and use the slower periods to do something else instead – perhaps a quick walk around the park or grab a cold drink from your favourite hawker stall. Small regular breaks like this are known to benefit overall productivity and efficiency.

4. Plan your day around the family’s schedule

If you’ve been complaining about not being able to spend quality family time with the kids, maybe this is the perfect time. If possible, plan your day so that you’re largely done by the time the kids come back from school and CCAs, so that instead of rushing deadlines and meetings when the kids want to play with you, you can all spend some fun time together. Pack an afternoon picnic lunch and head to your nearest park or swimming pool.

5. Don’t ignore ME time

Despite the allure of going out to a shopping centre and getting out of the house now that everything is open again, making time for some quality downtime is still important. Pick your favourite relaxing activity – a haircut, going for a run, catching up with your bestie, or just reading a few chapters of your current new book – and make time to fit that into your WFH schedule. Remember, when you’re happy with yourself, then you’re better at everything else. 

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