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7 Home Decor Ideas To Match Your Personality Type

A home is an extension of ourselves. More than a place to eat and rest, it enhances one’s passion, and with a little thought and creativity, homeowners can improve the appearance of their home to suit their lifestyle. 

Having been in the industry for over two decades, husband and wife duo Brian and Jude Kow admit that they’ve come across many clients who pay little attention to the aesthetics of their homes. To transform a house into their client’s personal sanctuary, Nic & Wes Builders have learnt to inject decor ideas that appeal to the homeowners’ personalities.

"We design and build homes for homeowners from the perspective of homeowners," explained Brian Kow, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Nic & Wes Builders. The design-and-build company specialises in simplifying the residential construction process from concept to completion.

Here are some of the personalities they commonly come across, and the décor features they’d recommend to suit their lifestyles:


1. The Highly Organised Worker

A person who likes everything to be in order usually goes for modern design. “Built-in storage is key, with minimalist design for furniture and interiors.” The overall look is stylish, in a neutral palette, using pieces that are easy to maintain.


2. The Entertainer

Someone who loves having guests at home must have leisure areas like a bar, a game room, or an area to grill food, if there’s space. “They go for an open kitchen, where they entertain their guests while they cook.” The design must be very chic, with lots of artwork and sound-insulated walls because there’s usually a lot of music.


3. The Outdoor Lover

Athletes and sun worshippers opt for open space, or if possible, a garden.  “The interiors must open up to the outdoor, maybe a window in the gym that overlooks the pool.” The house would also need lots of ventilation, greens, and sustainable attributes like eco-friendly water filtration systems.


4. The Minimalist

A Japanese-style home goes very well with minimalists. Simple furniture, a light-coloured palette and easy maintenance tile flooring – every space must have a purpose.


5. The Introvert

Balconies are perfect for those who enjoy quiet time by themselves, or who need a space to quietly meditate. Introverts usually have lots of books or a collection of favourite movies, so a movie area or a library with a reading corner are recommended.


6. The Pet Lover

An outdoor terrace works well with dog lovers, while functional walls with shelves are perfect for those with cats. All these details can be fused with the home design. Pet parents can double up the laundry area as a grooming space for their dogs or strategically design their indoor shelving to allow their cats to run, jump and stretch during the day.


7. The Bachelor

Bachelors typically have ample time for fun and entertainment, so a walk-in wardrobe, a whisky cabinet, and all-leather décor with a bold colour palette are just some of the exciting features they can install in their homes. Don’t forget about the man cave -  if space permits, carve out a home theatre, gym, and an open kitchen.

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