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7 Singapore Instagram Comics You Should Really Be Following

Five years ago, we’d be hard-pressed to name local comic artistes who aren't Sonny Liew (The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye), Johnny Lau (Mr Kiasu), and The Straits Times’ Lee Chee Chew. But now there’s a new generation of talent rising up on Instagram, which has provided a convenient platform for rising artistes to share their work. Here are some of the funniest Singaporean – and Singapore-related – comics we’ve encountered in our Explore tabs. 


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Like New Yorker cartoons, but for Singaporeans. Highnunchicken, which is run by four individuals, has amassed more than 33,000 followers since it began in May 2018. The gags are satirical, but never too mean-spirited, poking fun at everything from the haze to the BTO process. 

Robert The Otter

This comic about an “ordinary salary otter” went viral last month, racking up thousands of likes, for its story about gender dynamics at home. 

Life Of A Potato

Fresh produce has never looked so adorable. Featuring potatoes, mushrooms, edamame, and of course, Singaporeans’ beloved durian. 

Eva Comics

Singapore’s cultural quirks are all the more noticeable once you compare them to Japan’s. After reading these comics by Evangeline Neo, who has spent time in both countries, as well as in San Francisco, you’ll never take the everyday aspects of Singaporean life –  like strong air-conditioning – for granted again.  

The Woke Salaryman 

Learning financial prudence through comic strips. What’s not to love? The comics are funny, informative, and deal with matters specific to Singaporeans, like CPF.

Third Culture Chinese

If you’ve ever had a hard time answering the question “where are you from?”, you’ll love these comics by US-based Chinese artiste Winnie Gu, who has lived in China and Singapore, as she adapts from one country to another. 


And finally, these comics about an adventurous corgi who loves to spread cheer will brighten anyone’s day. 

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