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Father's Day: Games You'll Enjoy, And Your Kids Will Too

We know you wanna chill and enjoy Father's Day this weekend with your beloved PS5 or Switch. But if you wanna get the little ones involved, we’ve got you covered with these titles that are great for co-op fun this special weekend. 


PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

Explore a shared world together with your children in one of the most popular video games for kids (and kidults). Fight the terrors of the night while building and crafting wonderful creations together – you’ll might be surprised at what your children can come up with!


Super Mario 3D World
Nintendo Switch

Imagine the Super Mario game you knew and loved growing up, except now, up to four players can play all at the same time. Jio wifey as well and watch the wonderful chaos ensue. Can one of you discover the secrets in each level? Just make sure nobody gets left behind!


Overcooked! All You Can Eat
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

When it comes to family video games, this always tops the list – up to four players work together as chefs to make dishes and feed hungry customers. Divvy up the work and hope everything goes smoothly – it’s the perfect game to teach your young’uns about teamwork and patience (and we highly stress patience).


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Nintendo Switch

When you want a game that the whole fam can play together, there is nothing better than an 8-player free-for-all Mario Kart race (provided you have enough controllers for everyone). Invite ah ma to join in the fun too! You can even race as teams and rack up points over several races to see who is the best duo or trio of the brood.


Rocket League
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Mix football and race cars together and you get Rocket League, where teams of six cars race around to push a giant ball into the opposing goal. With a split-screen multiplayer mode, you could be teaming up with the tots or going head-to-head against them. (Of course, must give chance to them lah. Or not. )


Nintendo Switch

This kid-friendly boxing game with a twist (literally) also doubles as a workout, as you throw punches with your Joy-Cons on each hand to simulate actual boxing. As you twist your punches, the character’s punch will curve as well. You get different special effects with different gloves, and you’ll need to physically dodge too. Up to four players can play together. The perfect game to groom the future Team SG  boxing squad under your roof, maybe?


Nintendo Switch Sports
Nintendo Switch

Do you remember swinging the Wii Remote playing tennis and bowling on Wii Sports? This is the “updated” version of the classic, with new sports like soccer, volleyball, badminton, and a swordplay game called “chambara”. If you’re a fan of Ring Fit, then this is another way to perspire while having fun with the kids.

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