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These Aesthetic Singapore Bookstagrams Will Make You Want To Read More

Growing up, my dream was to one day have a Beauty and the Beast-style home library. 


While that hasn't happened yet due to lack of space in the room that I'm renting, I've been living my dreams vicariously through the #bookstagram community. 

Known for their organised bookshelves, aesthetic book cover photos, and bite-sized reviews, this bibliophilic niche of Instagram has inspired me not only to read more, but to save enough money to amass a sizeable collection of hardcover books in the future. 

Although this community is well-established in America and the U.K., it's also starting to gain ground here in Singapore - perhaps especially now, since we're island-bound, and books provide a means of escape. 

So whether you love reading, want to start reading, or simply like starting at beautiful flat lays, here are the Singapore-based #bookstagrams you should follow. 


Joy, a journalist-turned-content creator, has perfected the cosy book shot. Beware of scrolling through her feed - you might just drop everything to snuggle under a blanket with a book and a cup of tea. 


The owner of this account, Grace, reviews mostly Singlit and literary fiction. We love her thorough, yet spoiler-free reviews, where she gives her honest take about whether or not a book is worth reading. 


Olivia Ho, who writes book reviews for The Straits Times, somehow manages to conjure a matching vintage outfit for each of her bookstagram posts. We look forward to seeing what she'll wear as much as we look forward to hearing about what she's read. 


Marc mostly reads non-fiction, so if you're looking for memoirs, how-to books, or journalistic tomes, then this is the account for you. 


If you're of the opinion that furkids automatically make photos of books look cosier, then you'll enjoy Delphine's Instagram, where she posts book reviews alongside photos of lattes and her cat, Donut.


Here's another account for people who are looking for non-fiction books to read. Bookstagrammer Sarah focuses on books about business, leadership, and people skills, making this a useful resource for self-education. 


There is so much children's literature out there nowadays, that it can be a little hard to choose something for your kids to read. Head over to Sanjana's account, where she reviews picture books for small children. 

She also runs an account with books for adult readers here


If the sight of a well-organised bookshelf sets your heart aflutter, then Joséphine's bookstagram deserves a place on your feed. She mostly reviews young adult, science fiction & fantasy, women's literature, and some non-fiction, so head on over there if those genres are up your alley.

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