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Games In September: Disney, Splatoon 3, FIFA, And More Next-Gen Exclusives

We notice that more games are getting exclusively released to next-gen consoles – the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S, especially this month. Not sure if that is going to be a trend going forward, but Sony needs to make their latest hardware more easily available to players so everyone can play! #endrant

Here are our top picks of video games coming out in September:

Disney Dreamlight Valley
PC, PlayStation 4 Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release date: 6 September

If you are a huge Disney fan, this is your game. Forge friendships with characters such as Wall-E and Goofy, and explore a world that will take you to infinity… and beyond! Customise your character in full Disney get-up, and build your dream home next to Moana or Buzz – the choice is yours in this sim-life, adventure hybrid.

PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox S|X

Release date: 8 September

A Dark Souls-like action RPG set during an alternate universe French revolution. You play a cool automaton battling against an entire robot army. Even though the game is Souls-like, it does reward a more offensive playstyle by stunning enemies or refilling your stamina metre so you can launch more attacks.

Splatoon 3
Nintendo Switch

Release date: 9 September

The next big AAA title for the Switch is only a few short days away. Splatoon 3 still plays like its successful third-person shooter predecessors, but with more refined quality-of-life improvements. As with past titles, you play either an "Inkling" or "Octoling". As a team, defeat your opponents with fun (and new) weapons that resemble household objects, and shoot colored ink that players can swim in.

Metal: Hellsinger
PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox S|X

Release date: 15 September

Metal: Hellsinger is what you get when you take a first-person shooter (FPS) like Doom and combine that with a music game. if you time your actions to the rocking metal music playing in the background, they get more effective. This includes shooting, dashing about, and reloading to the beat. A cool new twist to rhythm games.

PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox S|X

Release date: 20 September

One look at the trailer and visually this game gives off Devil May Cry or Bayonetta vibes. In this title, you play as two sisters at the same time. You can switch between both sisters to use their unique abilities. For example, you can use one sister to hack 'n' slash, then change to the other sister midway to block an incoming attack. Very interesting premise.

The DioField Chronicle
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Release date: 20 September

The first of two new Square Enix games getting released this month. The Diofield Chronicle is a tactical strategy title like XCOM or Mario + Rabbids, with the freedom to roam your characters around the battle map. You play as a mercenary group called Blue Foxes, and defend the nation Alletain from being invaded by the mighty evil Empire. Looks-wise, very JRPG-like. There’s a 3-hour demo if you want to give this game a shot.

PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Release date: September 23

This will be the final EA Sports football game to be titled “FIFA” (it’s still going to be around lah, just with a different name). A perfect send-off, as the game includes both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup. It also has more next-gen realistic movements, but that is only included for next-gen consoles. We can’t wait to try to get the Manchester United Women’s team to seize the trophy at the Women’s FA Super League.

Valkyrie Elysium
PlayStation 4|5

Release date: 29 September

The other Square Enix title is a revival of the old Valkryie series games. But this new entry is a standalone action RPG, so you don’t need to know what happened in past games. It does have elements from the series like the “Einherjar”, characters which you recruit to fight alongside you. One to watch, for sure.

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