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Getting Married Soon? Join These Useful Telegram Groups And Channels

Looking for food deals, renovation advice, or travel promos? There’s a Telegram group for each of those. And if you need wedding tips – be it real-time reviews of gown studios, or heavily discounted décor castoffs from ‘graduated’ brides – then these are the groups you should join, ASAP:

SingaporeBrides BTB 2022

This is the 'anything and everything' chat for brides-and-grooms-to-be in 2021. Here, you’ll find general queries about COVID-19 regulations, listings for items that are being sold off (or even given away), as well as commonly-asked questions about wedding superstitions or ceremonial practices.

And Telegram’s chat search function makes it easy to find old messages about specific things you need. You can also use this group to ask fellow BTBs to add you into the groups for specific months or for specific vendors. Be warned, though, that up to a hundred messages a day come through this chat, so I’d highly recommend muting notifications.

Join the BTB 2022 group here here

Getting married next year? It’s not too early to join the 2023 Telegram group

Bridal Studio Telegram Groups

While most bridal studios are active on social media, it’s often hard to gauge what the gowns look like on a regular person instead of a model. Plus, you won’t find trustworthy testimonials about their customer service on their websites and Instagram accounts. If you want to find out more about a studio’s offerings and packages before booking a visit, join the Telegram group! Many of them are carefully moderated, meaning you won’t see fake reviews or angry retorts from studios infiltrating the groups.

Here are Telegram groups for some of the most popular studios – if you can’t find one for the studio you’re eyeing, you can enquire about it in the general BTB group

Cang Ai 
Digio Bridal Studio 
The Gown Warehouse 
The Wedding Crafters 
Truly Enamoured Brides

Wedding Buying and Selling

Overwhelmed by TaoBao? Not finding any good deals on Carousell? In this group, you’ll find people selling everything from pre-loved custom-made dresses, to full sets of tea ceremony items, to faux flower bouquets.

Join here

Chubby Brides To Be

This group is a safe and useful space for brides who need plus size gowns. Here, you’ll find feedback about the range of sizes that popular bridal studios offer, along with messages from brides who are letting go of their gowns at a discounted rate. If you’re looking for friendly and body-inclusive discussions about bridalwear, then this is the Telegram group for you.

Join here 

SG Budget Babes

This channel, while not specific to weddings, is a godsend when you’re looking for shoe sales, discounted spa treatments, or news about brand markdowns. Check back often enough, and you might just score a steal for your bridal heels or bridesmaid dresses.

Join here 

dateideas Singapore

Again, not a wedding-specific channel, but planning a wedding can be so busy and stressful that it’s easy to let ‘couple time’ fall by the wayside. If you don’t have the bandwidth to plan date nights, then let the date ideas channel do the research for you – and bonus, the posts include discounts, so you can romance your other half while saving money for the wedding festivities.

Join here 


Finally, there are dozens of other vendor and venue-specific groups that we simply don’t have room to include, so if you’d like to join groups for your shortlisted hotels or photographers, this Telegram Groups for Singapore Weddings sheet  has got you covered. 

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