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Have You Ever Seen A V-Day Bouquet Made With Singapore's Flora And Fauna?

Now that we're rapidly approaching Valentine's Day, our feeds have been inundated with roses, tulips, and ranunculus. But have you ever seen a V-Day bouquet made with hanging lobster claw and parrot's flower? 

Neither had we, until we heard about Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC)'s new initiative to give away 40 exclusive "Eco Bouquets" using locally sourced flowers cultivated at Sentosa's nursery and gardens. This will be done in collaboration with This Humid House, an award-winning local botanical design studio. 

In addition to hanging lobster claw and parrot's flower, bouquets will include plants grown along Sentosa Boardwalk and its beaches, like the bamboo orchid, epiphytic fern, and red button ginger. 

Our first reaction: what would that even look like?

But after getting the chance to see what botanical artists can do with these plants and flowers, we're intrigued. Plus, being locally sourced, they save the envirnoment from greenhouse gas emissions caused by the air transportation of flowers. #SUPPORTLOCAL

The bad news is that the Eco Bouquets aren't available for purchase. The good news is that you can give one to someone you love, for free, by entering Sentosa's Eco Bouquet giveaway. All you have to do is tell Sentosa who you would gift it to and why. 

Collection dates are available only on the 14th, 20th, and 27th of February, so if you know someone who would appreciate a bouquet of hanging lobster claw more than a bouquet of hydrangeas, then you know what to do.

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