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Heart-Shaped Plants You'll Fall In Love With

With their endearing appearance, heart-shaped plants are probably one of the easiest potted beauties to fall in love with. And unlike other romantic gestures, it’s a gift that keeps giving - yummy chocolates or soft plushies aren’t going to keep flourishing under your care like a live plant will. So if you’re all about sparking joy in your life (or someone else’s), these are the sweethearts you’ll want to add to cart stat.

1. String of Hearts

No one likes to be strung along… Unless we’re talking about strings of gorgeous hearts dressed in resplendent shades of green, silver and an occasional touch of pink. And don’t be fooled by the petite size of the ceropegia woodii’s juicy leaves - the vining plant can be a real statement piece when left trailing in all its cascading glory from a hanging pot. Keep it happy with plenty of bright indirect light, and only water it thoroughly when the potting mix has dried out.

2. Hoya Kerrii

Now here’s a real cutie to add to your windowsill. Often sold as single-leaf cuttings in miniature pots, the sweetheart hoya is popular for its cherubic appearance, and there’s just no way anyone can resist squeezing its imaginary cheeks. Unlike temperamental toddlers, however, it’s hardly fussy - there’s no need for frequent watering, and it’s not demanding when it comes to light conditions. If you’d like the vining plant to flower and grow beyond its single leaf, however, do make sure the one you’ve purchased comes with at least one more node on its stem.

3. Anthurium Clarinervium

Whilst it may not be the easiest plant to care for, the heart-shaped epiphyte (it naturally climbs on other plants for support) is well worth the effort - just look at the stunning contrast between its silvery veins and dark emerald leaves. And with its lovely suede-like texture, it’s no surprise why this variety is also known as the velvet cardboard anthurium. With all that said, the anthurium clarinervium is best suited for experienced plant parents, as it does require quite a fair bit of attention to thrive. For example, using a well-draining potting mix is a must for anthuriums as they are prone to root rot, and you can keep the humidity levels favourable by adding a thin layer of moist sphagnum moss at the base of the plant.

4. Caladium

If you can’t do without delicious colours in your life, look no further than the show-stopping caladiums - their striking foliage are practically screaming for attention. Its statement-making leaves are often bigger than the size of your hand, and each one of them is practically an art piece with its delicate texture and seemingly hand-painted shades of green, white, red, pink and more. Just make sure you water these thirsty plants often and feed them plenty of slow-release fertiliser - the fast grower needs all the nutrients it can get. And don’t fret if your caladium looks like it’s going dormant - continue to water it as usual and it will most likely bounce back in time.

5. Philodendron Gloriosum

For those looking to invest in something a little more exotic yet fuss-free, the tropical creeper is a must-have. The gloriosum’s matte green leaves are a real stunner and buttery soft to the touch - you may find yourself just stroking them in admiration. It’s a real delight to watch the philodendron progress in its growth too - the plush leaves emerge with beautiful pinkish veins that eventually turn creamy white as the plant matures. By the way, it’s happiest when given room to crawl; place it in a rectangular pot with a well-draining mix to see it glow with health.

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