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Squid-tastic memes that will surely resonate with Singaporeans who've watched the trending show. Screenshots: Instagram/@pioneer_university and

Heol! The Best “Squid Game” Memes You Might Have Missed

Huh? If you haven't watched "Squid Game", or at least heard of it, you must be living under a rock (although with Covid raging around outside, who can blame you - we also want).

On social media, there are "Squid Game"-related memes aplenty - of course we had to do a round-up of some of our fave ones lah

P.S. Mai tu liao if you haven't watched it, otherwise you won't get any of the references your friends make, or be able to appreciate these creative memes.

P.P.S. Spoilers ahead!

Scene from: Episode 1

Time stamp: 53:05

Who can say no to supper jios? You must have incredible willpower...

Scene from: Episode 3

Time stamp: 45:07

Don't geh geh, all of us are guilty of this to some extent.

Scene from: Multiple episodes

Time stamp: Multiple

Hands up if you also get lost trying to navigate Dhoby Ghaut MRT. ‍♂️

Scene from: Episode 2

Time stamp: 12:04

Too many of us racked up too much sleep debt bingeing on "Squid Game" once the craze started.

Scene from: Episode 3

Time stamp: 35:58

#iykyk, especially if you've had to take the campus shuttle service in NTU before.

Scene from: Episode 6

Time stamp: 51:20

You must have a heart of stone if you didn't tear up a bit at this scene .

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