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You don't need to travel to Europe, Japan, or the US to score these vintage finds - there are Singapore-based curators on Instagram who can do it for you IMAGE: UNSPLASH/VINICIUS AMNX AMANO

Hidden Gems: Vintage & Thrifted Homeware on Instagram From Singapore-based Curators

Once upon a time, I was content with stockpiling the same mass-produced home décor items as everyone else – after all, a vase is a vase. Who cares if you’ve seen it in at least 10 other homes?

But one day, as I was browsing through Instagram, my Discover feed led me to a page selling vintage homeware from places as far away as Tokyo and Paris.

First I bought a globe-shaped desk bar from Milan. Then I bought a lacquered catchall from Grenoble. One candlestick holder, a chinoiserie-patterned trinket dish, and a tea set later, my living room is well on its way to looking like that of a well-traveled European grandma’s (which some might call retro at best, and obiang at worst, but at least you wouldn't mistake it for a generic showroom).

Want to enliven your living space? While vintage and thrift stores abound in Singapore, and of course there’s Carousell and Facebook Marketplace, following accounts with a curated selection of items can save you the effort of digging for treasure

Here are a few of my staples:

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