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How To Celebrate New Year's Eve In Style, Even With Safe Distancing

If we’ve learnt anything from 2020, it’s that being social doesn’t mean socialising in person, let alone in big groups. Despite the ongoing pandemic, there are still many ways we can ring in 2021 with style next week. Bonus: celebrating at home is sooo much cheaper than going out and paying for entry fees and overpriced cocktails.

Here are a few tips to get you started with a stylish New Year celebration:


1. Light up your space

Lights effortlessly add instant cheer (and romance) to any space, so celebrating with a little extra sparkle couldn’t be easier. So go ahead, in addition to the lights on your Christmas tree, put up strings of twinkly lights all over your house.


2. Dress Up

2020 was a year of pyjama pants and going braless, so let's ring in 2021 by scrubbing up a little. 


3. Enjoy the mess

Even though only 8 people are allowed to come over for New Year’s, that’s still enough for a party. And what’s a party without some mess, especially when we're saying goodbye to such a tough year? If you’re sure the neighbours won’t mind, break out the confetti poppers, streamers, silly string, and light up sparklers to ring in the New Year. They’re worth the mess.


4. Make it easy to find your drink

Not letting your guard down about the pandemic restrictions is key, so even if you’re having a party at home, be aware that sharing drinks from the same glass is still a huge no-no. There’s such a great variety of cute and festive glass markers now, it’s easy to make sure that everyone can identify their own glass.


5. Host a virtual dinner party and drinks

This year, since you don’t have the normal pressure of partying hard till midnight, this year is the best opportunity to celebrate over Zoom with friends and family members across the world. Find a time that works for everyone you’re inviting and have a virtual pot luck dinner celebration. For a fun twist on the classic potluck, ask each participant to choose a different country, and bring a dish that’s traditionally part of that country’s New Year's foods. And raise a few glasses to getting through 2020 together at the same time.


6. Recap the Year

Even though a lot has happened this year and most people just want to forget it and start afresh in 2021, New Year's Eve is a great time to reflect on this unusual year gone by. Despite everything, there is always something to be grateful for, so have everyone join in to share their moment of gratitude before turning the page to hopefully a better new year.


7. Watch the New Year’s Eve heartlands fireworks at home

Marina Bay may not have its annual firework display this year in addition to its usual light shows, but look on the bright side: you can watch them from the comfort of your home. There are several fireworks displays being planned in many heartland locations across the island, so you and your family can enjoy them much more conveniently at home this year.

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