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Students from GrappleMAX, Singapore's premier wrestling school, showcase their moves Photo: Nick Chee (left) & Farhan Shafie (right)

Hulk Up: 6 Pro Wrestling Moves That Will Give You A Full Body Workout

Pro wrestling is a form of sports entertainment that certainly divides opinion. What is undeniable though is the sheer athleticism needed to pull off the manoeuvres that you see in the ring or on television.

That’s not to mention the tip-top condition your body needs to be in to last a full-length match. Here are 6 wrestling moves that will give you a proper workout.

1. Body Slam

The body slam is probably the most iconic wrestling move ever created. Those old enough to live through the 80’s would have known of Hulk Hogan’s legendary WrestleMania bout against Andre The Giant where he scooped the behemoth and flipped him upside down before smacking him to the mat.

It was the slam heard around the world, given how gargantuan Andre was. Even if your opponent is not a 2 metre-plus tall giant, hoisting another full-grown human being over your head is no mean feat. It takes a strong core, substantial upper-body strength and proper technique to complete the move without straining your back.

2. Vertical Suplex

The vertical suplex is essentially a move where you drape your arms over an opponent’s neck, loop his free hand over your own before flipping him over your head to the ground below.

It takes two to tango and make this spot work. The success of the suplex is not only dependent on the power you can muster to lift your opponent but also his ability to commit to the motion.

At its apex, your enemy would be hanging 180 degrees in the air with blood rushing down his head the longer you can hold the move. And you thought holding a push up position was hard!

3. Arm Drag

The arm drag is a highly effective tool to have in your arsenal. Not only does your opponent’s size not have any bearing on its execution, it can actually be used to your advantage as well.

Through a combination of wrist and tricep control, you swiftly pull your aggressor’s arm across your body so that he momentarily bears your weight. This causes him to lose balance and fall forward for a takedown. It’s simple weight manipulation. But it requires considerable arm strength and a vice-like to grip to trap your adversary.

Once completed, snap back to your feet and perform the arm drag a couple of times in succession. You will be gassed out in no time. Not to mention, your biceps will certainly get a good workout.

4. Drop Kick

While the moves mentioned so far challenges your strength, the drop kick tests your agility instead. It is commonly used by lighter and more nimble wrestlers, but don’t be surprised to see heftier combatants executing the manoeuvre (athleticism comes in all sizes after all).

The wrestler jumps up and kicks a charging opponent with the soles of both feet before twisting in the air and landing on their stomach. Executing the drop kick from a standing position requires even greater leg strength in order to gain sufficient elevation. If tuck jumps are too simple for you, why not try the drop kick?

5. Suicide Dive

Like the name suggests, the suicide dive is a highly dangerous move that should not be performed unless you are a trained professional. It is an aerial attack where the wrestler makes a running start in the ring before diving over or through the ropes into their opponent on the outside.

A slight miscalculation or a trailing leg can spell disaster for either parties. It takes precision, a great leaping ability and not to mention courage by the bucketload to pull it off. So, it you’re already struggling on your Standing Broad Jump, then you might need to put in more time on those squats before you consider taking this leap of faith.

6. German Suplex

Another variant of the aforementioned suplex, the German equivalent is the innovation of legendary wrestler Karl Gotch who grew up in Hamburg. The move consists of the wrestler grabbing his opponent from behind, wrapping his arms around their waist before launching them backwards while bridging his back and legs.

A devastating fate awaits as the rival would slam down to the mat shoulder and upper back first. You will need powerful arms to grip and launch your opponent as well as a steady core and back to effectively pin them in position once they crash to the mat. It is a high intensity movement that will take your enemy on a ride they would not enjoy.

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