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Is Your Job Unrelated To Your Degree? You’re Not Alone

What’s worse than 9 am lectures, mountains of course readings and looming assignment deadlines? Answer: Surviving all of that and obtaining your degree, only to wind up with a job that’s completely unrelated to what you were studying. Talk about a waste of time!

Unfortunately, according to a recent study by YouGov, this situation is more common than you might think. Apparently, 53% of Singaporean graduates end up pursuing careers that aren’t relevant to their degrees. (This author happens to know someone with a degree in Biology who wound up as a journalist.)


Of course, this varies across degrees. Oddly enough, Accounting and Finance has the highest chance of being relevant to graduates from that field, with 70% of them finding jobs that make use of their degrees.

Which is strange, because you’d think a degree in Medicine would be more consistently useful to its graduates; I’m pretty sure nobody wants to be treated by a doctor without a medical degree.

But before you start skipping lectures and selling your textbooks on Carousell, beware: Even if your actual degree isn’t useful to your job, having a degree might still play a part in the hiring process. 99% of graduates surveyed believe that having a university degree is important, with 15% of them indicating that they would be unwilling to hire someone without a degree.

Doesn’t sound too bad, you say? Would you be willing to take a 15% chance of having your job application dismissed right off the bat for not having a degree?

TLDR: What are you waiting for? Stop surfing the Net and get back to studying!

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