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Kopi King: Learn To Make Your Favourite Local Drinks With This Card Game

"Uncle ah, one kopi-o siew dai tapau," is a typical order you might hear around your neighbourhood kopitiam. But do you know the exact ingredients needed to make your favourite coffeeshop drink? One recently launched local card game is hoping to solve that conundrum. 

Kopi King is a fun, new family game celebrating our local kopi culture, as well as a love letter to all our nostalgic coffeeshop uncles and aunties everywhere. While social distancing measures make it harder to eat out like before, this card game is a great way to bring the kopitiam to you instead.

PHOTO: origame

How to play

Players basically have to scramble to find the right mix of ingredients from a pile of cards that produce specific drink orders, shouting them out once they're completed to send them off. 

The first person to get 5 orders triggers the end of the game and players will then tally up how much they earned from their orders with a price attached to each one. The player who earns the least can buy or make a drink for the winner a.k.a the undisputed Kopi King.

Do you have the smarts, guile, and speed to create the best coffeeshop drinks and serve all your customers with style? 

PHOTO: origame

Why you should get Kopi King

It is a perfect family game, easy to pick up for kids, ages 6-10 and upwards, not to mention hugely educational for even adults. 

Not only will you be able to spew all the ingredients needed to make your favourite kopitiam drink such as Teh C and Milo Dinosaur in the future, you might even start making them at home. New skill unlocked!

PHOTO: origame

Kopi King is the creation of Daryl Chow from Origame, a proudly Singaporean board game publisher founded in 2019 that aims to showcase the best of Asian culture and talent. 

They're also the creative minds behind Chope! and Mooncake Master, plus a host of other modern Asian board games that reflect our identity and stories. With a card featuring beautiful illustrations by Singaporean illustrator @yyishyan, Kopi King is not only aesthetically pleasing but value for money as well, retailing at only $20.

For more information on how to purchase Kopi King, click here.

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