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Majulah Live x It's A Rap features a diverse mix of singers, rappers and comedians under one roof including (from left) Yung Raja, Rangga Jones and Fakkah Fuzz. Photos: Russell Goh & Zendyll Music, Fakkah Fuzz

Music, Rap And Comedy Collide In Live Local Entertainment Extravaganza

It's been eons since I last attended a live entertainment show, and, as a fan of concerts and stand-up comedy, it's a void that I've been yearning to fill throughout the pandemic.

Imagine my utter delight when I heard about "Majulah Live x It's A Rap", a one-night only event that melds the realms of live music, rap and comedy on the same stage. It will be a celebration of Singaporean culture, music and talent in front of an expected crowd of 1,000 people.

Set to take place on 19 March at Sands Theatre, the live entertainment extravaganza will feature top homegrown acts and independent artists in the form of a diverse mix of 13 veteran and up-and-coming artists spanning the three genres.

The impressive line-up includes RRILEY, Jon Chua JX, and Rangga Jones, and up-and-comers such as Feez and Joy Alexis.

You can also look forward to bangers from the likes of Sheikh Haikel, ShiGGa Shay, Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba and AE$OP CA$H, and laugh to your heart's content with comedians Fakkah Fuzz, Jacky Ng and Qamarul Haziq.

We speak to three of the featured artistes - musician Rangga Jones, rapper Yung Raja and comedian Fakkah Fuzz - who let us in on what we can expect from their sets, and what makes them uniquely Singaporean.

How excited are you to be able to perform on such a big stage again with an audience of this size?

Rangga Jones: I’m super excited, of course! This will be the biggest stage I’ve performed on so far, so the nerves are definitely there, but I’m really excited to step onto that stage.

Yung Raja: No words can explain the excitement! Two years since a live audience like this... Nothing can compare to this. It’s what I love the most as a performer. Can’t wait for show day!

Fakkah Fuzz: It’s awesome because this is definitely a big step towards Singapore becoming normal again, where all of us entertainers can continue earning a living by doing what we love.

What can we expect from your respective sets?

Rangga Jones: You can expect fun vibes! And all the songs I’ll be performing will be the first time I’m singing them live, so that’ll be exciting. And I’ll also be performing a new song!

Yung Raja: They can most definitely expect bangers.

Fakkah Fuzz: A really good time!

Whose performance are you most excited to check out?

Rangga Jones: Honestly I’m excited to see everyone’s performances cuz I’ve never seen any of them perform live, so it’s gonna be awesome haha.

Yung Raja: Well, to be honest, I’m excited to catch everyone’s set! I’ve had the privilege of working closely with almost everyone performing over the last few years, and it’s a blessing to share the stage with all of them. Teamwork makes the dream work, and that’s what we as a community are about!

Fakkah Fuzz: Of course Fariz Jabba and AE$OP CA$H - two of my favourite artists in the scene!

If you could choose any comedian, singer and rapper to share a line-up with, who would they be?

Rangga Jones: Comedian? It’ll definitely have to be Kevin Hart. As for singers and rappers, I’d love to share a lineup with Lauv, Keshi, 5SOS, Rich Brian and the whole 88Rising crew! 

Yung Raja: A. R. Rahman!

Fakkah Fuzz: Dave Chappelle. I just want to open for him and hang with the comedians who are doing the same.

What makes you unapologetically Singaporean?

Rangga Jones: I would say my ability to use my bag to Chope a table and walk away confidently. thinking it won’t be stolen haha.

Yung Raja: My Singaporean spirit - there’s nothing like it around the world i think.

Fakkah Fuzz: The fact that I can’t go two days without eating rice and sambal tumis.

What's next for you in 2022? What projects can we look forward to this year?

Rangga Jones: Definitely a bunch of new singles to look forward to. I’ll be trying out stuff like other sounds and genres, and there’ll be more collaborative projects!

Yung Raja: A lot of exciting things are cooking up as the world is opening up... we are taking it to a whole new level this year! Can’t wait to share more when the time's right... stay tuned!

Fakkah Fuzz: More comedy specials. More laughter. More life. 

Get your tickets for Majulah Live x It's A Rap! here.

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