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Olympic Fever: 5 Games To Get You In A Winning Mood

The Tokyo Olympics is here!

While supporting our Singapore athletes at the Games, you can also realise your secret Olympic dreams through the power of video games.

Here, a list of Games-related games to help you stay entertained while stuck at home during #Phase2HA:

Doodle Champion Island Games

Google is celebrating the Tokyo Olympics with a 16-bit retro anime sports game, complete with anime opening intro! And you can play it for free by clicking the Google Doodle on

You play as Calico ninja cat Lucky in the Doodle Champion Island Games, competing in sports like table tennis, climbing, and skateboarding against “champions” from Japanese folklore.

You will also join one of four teams and contribute high scores to a global leaderboard.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Stadia

Not only can you play nearly every Olympic sport from the Tokyo 2020 games, you can also put yourself into the game and fly the Singapore flag high – even if you are pot-bellied.

Yes, there are options for your character to be any body shape you choose.

Winning events will earn you points, which you can spend on cosmetics and costumes for your in-game avatar. These range from sports gear to absurd stuff like an astronaut outfit or a full-body Sonic the Hedgehog suit.

Schedule a mini Olympics among your friends, or play in ranked multiplayer mode when you really want to test yourself against the rest of the world.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Nintendo Switch

Take your favourite Mario and Sonic series characters, and pit them in Olympic sports! It’s a great game to play with friends, and there’s also a fun Story Mode where Mario, Sonic, Bowser, and Eggman get stuck in a retro videogame.

Speaking of retro, there’s a fun 2D Retro Mode reminiscent of old-school sports game Track & Field on the old Nintendo cartridge era, but using the old 2D sprites of Mario and Sonic characters.

Unfortunately, the motion control option is not very responsive, so we recommend that you stick to the regular controls.

The "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" series has been around since 2007 for the Beijing 2008 games, and this latest version for Tokyo 2020 is just as fun – just be sure you’re getting the latest version.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2
PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One S|X, Nintendo Switch

Skateboarding is one of the newest sports to be added to the Olympic games, and the best way to show off your (virtual) skills is through this remake of a classic.

Referred to as the best skateboarding game ever, you’ll need to perform and combine various tricks to score points.

Skateboarding fans will recognise the legendary pro skaters featured in the game apart from Tony Hawk, such as Bob Burnquist, Chad Muska, and Steve Caballero. But if you’re a fan, you probably own this game already.

NBA 2K21 / NBA 2K22
PC, Playstation 4|5, Xbox One S|X, Nintendo Switch

There’s no better basketball video game out there, but this is focused on the NBA experience. NBA 2K22 is coming 10 Sep.

The reason we mentioned NBA 2K21 is that if you’re playing on the PC, there are mods to convert the teams into FIBA national teams for the true Olympics experience, including the legendary USA Olympic Dream Teams. You’ll just have to Google to find them.

Also, go watch "The Last Dance" on Netflix if you want to know more about the Dream Team.

Inspired by the Olympics to keep fit at home?


The SAF will be rolling out a virtual NS FIT (Fitness Improvement Training) programme - FIT@Home - to make it more convenient for NSmen to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Check out how to take part in FIT@Home here!

Posted by Ministry of Defence, Singapore (MINDEF) on Sunday, 4 July 2021

Mix things up and alternate gaming with actual physical activity.

If the ongoing Olympics and our list of games are making you realise you’ve been completely out of shape, well, the SAF has a virtual NS FIT (Fitness Improvement Training) programme called FIT@Home just for us NSmen.

Work out from the comfort of home and, just like our athletes, go for Gold!

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