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MBS kena a case of mistaken identity, so of course Singaporeans must make fun of it lah. Photos: Facebook/@shaun.fontenot031

One People, One Nation: SG United In Comments Section Of "MBS, Tennessee" Post

Wah lau, our floating ship across the sky aka MBS suddenly kena transported to Tennessee?! Since Facebook user Aye Shaun's post was made on 14 Jun, Singaporeans have gathered to reclaim our beloved integrated resort by inserting funny memes in the comments section - by the thousands.

Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee \ud83d\ude2e\ud83d\ude2e It's Beautiful \ud83e\udd2f

Posted by Aye Shaun on Sunday, 13 June 2021

We effectively boosted this guy's FB engagement by 200,000% sia (his posts usually get 4 or 5 likes). And the post has 13K comments and 12K shares, and counting. You're welcome, Aye Shaun. Don't say Singaporeans not generous and no sense of humour ya! 

Indeed, nothing unites us like funny can, and we've picked out some of the best ones that made us literally LOL:

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