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Local artistes such as BGourd (left) and Ffion will be helming the Haw Par Villa stage for the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival. Photos: Instagram/@bgourd05 and @ffion

SG Represent At ASEAN Music Showcase Festival 2022

Music unites us regardless of borders. The music scene in Southeast Asia in particular is teeming with talent, regardless of which genre you are a fan of.  

But if you have no idea how or where to discover awesome bands and musicians from this LIttle Red Dot and our neighbouring countries, fret not! There's no need to go down the Spotify rabbit hole and hope to stumble upon that undiscovered gem from Indonesia or the Philippines.

Just head down to the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS), which is happening on 10 and 11 Sep 2022 (Saturday and Sunday) at Haw Par Villa. Each country in the ASEAN region will be represented by a mix of established and emerging artists from different music genres.

Singapore is the first-ever host city for the "live" event after its first two editions were held purely online. There will be 30+ regional and international artists performing on three stages over the two-day showcase.

AMS will also be broadcasting "live" video streams of the festival, so better go in your hipster-festival best and psyche yourself for a groovin' good time!

SG music will be repped hard by a mix of local scene veterans and rising stars. We might even see a cross-country collab between a regional rapper and a homegrown household name *hint hint*.

Here, the full list of Singapore artists who will be performing:


Genre: Pop R&B

Hits: "Personal", "Camera Roll"

Born in the UK and raised in Singapore, Ffion's distinct melancholic vocals have garnered over 5 million plays online, and she was listed as an artist to watch on Spotify.

Her billboard has even appeared in Times Square, New York City. It is an accolade that has never been achieved by a local act before. You go, girl! Come experience her enthralling music in person.


Genre: Indie-pop

Hits: "False Realities", "Coasts"

Pleasantry is a well-known name in the local music scene, forming in late 2010. The quintet's dreamy compositions and rich instrumentation are juxtaposed by endearing lyrical tones. Come check out their set if you're looking for a band to vibe to.


Genre: Hip-Hop

Hits: "More", "Gaut", "The Greatest Match"

DJ-producer FAUXE is a prodigious talent known for his prolific output. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the local hip-hop scene while putting out individual cuts of his own. We're big fans of his samples, and how he weaves in and out of his mixes. He will be incorporating a live band set up for this gig so be sure to keep an eye out for it.


Genre: Rap

Hits: "Fair Price", "Fresh Air"

Don't be fooled by the wacky ski mask. BGourd's got some bars! He is a refreshing, versatile rapper, and his signature blend of leisurely, free-flowing rhymes will hook you instantly.

Amateur Takes Control

Genre: Post-rock

Hits: "Communication Downbreak", "Ghost Hunter"

If you like your music deep and haunting, this five-piece instrumental rock outfit will suit you to a T. Their independent DIY ethics will appeal to the everyman, and the music will cater to 2000s teenagers trying to find some musical nostalgia as adults.

Young Cocoa x Sezairi

Genre: Rap, Pop &R&B

Hits: "Manila", "It's You", "Dead"

We're in for a treat. The best of the Phillippines and Singapore will come together for a pretty sweet collab. Manila-based rapper Young Cocoa is a young phenom whose music features groove-oriented production and a smooth urban sound.

He also recently appeared on local singer Sezairi's latest single "Dead" off his new album "Violets Aren’t Blue". The 25-year-old artist will return the favour at AMS by bringing out the Singapore crooner for his set. We can't wait!

Tickets to ASEAN Music Showcase Festival 2022 are available to purchase here.

For more information about the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, visit the official website.

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