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photo: instagram/timdecotta

Spotify Spotlight: Catch & Release by Tim De Cotta

Tim De Cotta is the definition of soul. The multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter dropped his latest single 'Catch & Release' which can be categorised as a futuristic throwback. 

From the 80's drum sample powering the track, silky smooth bass line to the luxurious vocal harmonies coalescing, this R&B odyssey captures everything wonderful about the performer. The push and pull of a contentious relationship never sounded so alluring.

Sounds like: Anderson Paak-smooth vocals. Jamiroquai-like aesthetic. Derrick Hodge groove. If you're feeling classy, put this on your playlist.

‘Catch & Release’ is the latest in a trilogy of singles, including ‘Lying Eyes’, and ‘When I Met You’ from his upcoming ‘Heart Matter’ EP.

The ‘Heart Matter’ EP will be Tim De Cotta’s first project since his 2017 debut EP, ‘Heartstrings’. You can catch this local music veteran and his band, The Warriors this weekend performing for the *SCAPE Music Day Out virtual festival alongside acts such as Caracal, .gif, and Bakers In Space from October 16 to 18. on Spotify

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