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Spotify Spotlight: Morning Dance by YAØ

Have you been finding it hard to stay positive during the craziness of this past year? Well, singer-songwriter YAØ (real name Ng Zheng Yao) can totally relate. In fact, he decided to write a song about it to help him get out of that funk.

"Morning Dance" is the latest single from this talented rising star, a chilled out tune that's as comfortable to the ears as raindrops on a lazy Sunday morning.

In it, the 23-year-old encourages listeners to take a moment to let loose and "get up and move" over swirling melodies and caramel smooth vocals. This song is indeed a great way to start your day on a brighter note.

Sounds like: Lauv and Bazzi mixed in with Japanese City Pop vibes. We caught up with the soulful crooner to find out more about his new release and whether he truly is a morning dancer.

You mentioned on your social media about wanting "Morning Dance" to be a "light in trying times". How do you hope to inspire listeners with this tune?

Honestly, it was actually to cheer myself up because there’s really a lot of things happening right now. There was a time when it was hard to wake up and think about something positive.

When composing this, I felt the need to put some positivity into my life and also everyone else’s lives. For them to know that it’s okay if you take a break when you’re feeling tired to just dance. And after that go back into the world with a new kind of hope and determination.

What's the concept behind the single artwork by @mizasabrina

I wanted to express that exact moment you get when yawning or stretching. That great feeling you feel for a short while that makes you forget everything else. Hence the simple outline on the plain background. Yellow represents the light that takes us out from the dark times.

You have one of the most recognisable singing voices in the music scene right now. Tell us more about your musical influences and the people who helped you to discover your sound.

Firstly, thanks for the compliment haha. It took me a while to find my comfortable singing voice. I know it might be shocking or weird to some, but my music journey started from listening to old school Japanese idol groups songs. Their melodies really intrigued me. They’re different and unique in their own way that makes them Japanese music. I also listened to a lot of old school RnB and Alternative Pop. But to be honest, whatever sounds great and catchy to my ears inspires me. 

Vocally, I had a lot of experience during my time in my CCA in Republic Poly, Replug. We faced different kinds of settings and shows which really helped shape me into who I am. The friends I made there also played a big part in helping me grow to overcome different challenges.

Describe YAØ's music in 3 words.

Catchy, genuine and positive. 

If you could collaborate with any artiste in the world right now, who would it be and why?

Kanye West. I’ve always been a huge fan of his music. And his passion for innovation for a better future for the world is really inspiring.

Do you consider yourself a morning dancer? If not, what is a typical morning routine like for you?

I would say I’m more of a morning stretcher. I usually find myself waking up and always letting out a huge battle cry or yawn right before I do my usual body-quaking stretch. I do these to get rid of any bad energy. Then, I will freshen up and start work in the afternoon. 

Be sure to check out "Morning Dance" on all streaming platforms and follow our playlist below to listen to our #SpotifySpotlight recommendations.

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