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PHOTO: Zendyll Records

Spotify Spotlight: Hate How You Love Me by Soph Retief

The fear of falling in love, it is a feeling that Singapore-based songstress Soph Retief knows too well. Her latest single “Hate How You Love Me” is a brooding ballad that confronts her insecurities.

Armed with a passion for songwriting and storytelling, Soph Retief is most well-known for winning the 2016 edition of MTV Asia's Project Aloft Star, beating out close to 500 entries all around South East Asia. Now, she is back with a brand new track that is the second of her two-part collaboration with urban hip-hop producer, RIIDEM and Claire Chew from Zendyll Studios.

Sounds like:  The pop sensibilities of Meghan Trainor, Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande with the haunting, lyrical musings of a Lana Del Rey. 

Backed by a nuanced arrangement that experiments with dark electronic elements, "Hate How You Love Me" explores the struggle and inevitability of heartbreak, love and loss that will take listeners on an insightful and deeply personal journey.

“Songwriting is therapeutic for me," says the 22-year-old of British and South African descent.

"With this track, I got to really dive into emotions to try to make sense of them, and I hope I get to bring that across to whoever holds onto the same fears and demons from our past,” adds the multi-instrumentalist. 

Inspired by Soph's own anecdotes, those closest to her and the experiences of living in some of the biggest cities in the world, she continues to write melodies that are universally retalable and stay in our heads for a long time.

“Hate How You Love Me” is out now on all major music streaming platforms. on Spotify

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