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Photo: Thaddeus Lin

Spotify Spotlight: Thaddeus Lin

In sunny Singapore, the recent rainy weather and cosy vibes have been a welcome respite from the heat. The rhythmic pitter patter of raindrops and cooler temperature are sure to lull you into a half-asleep state.

Add the music from our Spotify Spotlight artist this week, and you’ve got yourself the perfect WFH or ambience. Thaddeus Lin’s nostalgic tunes and dreamy voice will accompany you, whether you're crunching numbers or curled up comfortably in bed.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of contemporary folk and alternative musicians from all around the world, 23-year-old Thaddeus is an eccentric songwriter who writes about anything and everything his imagination can conjure – from love stories to little towns and fast cars, all of which find their place in the different phases of growing up in Singapore.

The best part: his lyrics flow well with melodies that get you hooked immediately.

How did music enter your life and how did you end up pursuing it?

I have quite a strong background in music. I currently attend the Lasalle School of Contemporary Arts, with a BA (Hons) in Pop Music Performance and previously graduated from Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Music and Audio Technology in 2017.

Interestingly, I used to dream of being a clinical doctor as a secondary school student, heavily influenced by the societal standards of being successful and happy. 

However, during my final years in secondary school, my best friend Marcus Ong introduced me to the wonders of music: he showed me his acoustic guitar and we started jamming to pop songs of our generation.

From then on, I was transfixed by the euphoria of expressing my feelings through music.

What inspired the title of your first EP, "I Wish It Rained Forever"?

I seriously love rainy weather. The constant noise of raindrops and the lower temperature put me in a state of nostalgia.

Tell us a bit about the songs in the EP.

The song "I Must Go" in my latest release was actually my way of expressing the closure of a relationship. The feeling of leaving someone that I saw a future with, realising how much of a personality clash we had, and finally, making the tough decision to leave.

"Mother Earth" was written from the perspective of having a serious conversation with our planet, and seeing her suffer from the devastating actions of mankind. The lyrics are words of comfort and point to the hope that, eventually, we will rally together to take care of our home better.

I also feel life's too short to worry too much. My favourite lyrics are from a song by James Taylor entitle "Secret O' Life”: "Try not to try too hard, it's just a lovely ride."

My best songs get written when I'm not trying too hard to write a song, though the discipline to spend time honing one's craft is important. However, I feel that a lot of the time, we just have to take it easy and enjoy the ride of life.

What is music to you? Is it just a hobby or an outlet of creative expression?

I would say both. I started writing music as a hobby during my diploma course, following my admission into Lasalle where I decided to begin writing songs as a form of expression.

Throughout my journey in creating music, the artform has always been a "vehicle" for transporting and expressing feelings and emotions for me. There were always feelings that I could never verbalise, and I started transforming them into melodies with words that people found relatable.

As with any other art forms, such as drawing and dancing, song writing is my way of expressing myself. on Spotify

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